Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Promote PremiumRxdrugs on your site and make money when your visitors buy from us! If you are a keen blogger or own a website with large number of customer and social following then our affiliate program pays you for sending your customers, visitors and friends to our website. We pay 20% commission on every qualified sale with assured and fast payments.

About Us

PremiumRxdrugs is a leading online website for buying quality drugs and healthcare products. We offer a huge number of prescription drugs and other health products along with large amount of valuable information for our customers regarding the products they want to buy and the ailments they are curious to know.
We are well known name in an online health care products field and would like to invite you to be part of success by joining our affiliate program. We put forward:
  • A committed affiliate manager to help you create and optimise your campaigns.
  • An opportunity to earn flat 20% commission on every qualified sale.
  • High average order value.
  • 100% risk free.
  • No joining fee required.

How it Works ?

Being a PremiumRxdrugs affiliate is great for you and your visitors. Your earn rewards and your visitor gets quality drugs with best deals. Here is a three step summary of how our affiliate program works:

Step 1.
Activate your account and we will provide you an affiliate link.
Step 2.
Place that affiliate link and the choosen affiliate banner anywhere on your website page, blog, YouTube channel, face book page, twitter page etc. Just copy-paste the link/code provided by us on your Web page/ blog /email and you are done!
Step 3.
When someone clicks on any of your affiliate links, they will be redirected to our home page which will track your affiliate id. If they make a qualified purchase, you will automatically earn commission.

Our Affiliate Banners

We have a number of banners to select from and our collection keeps on multiplying on a weekly basis.

How do I join?

We welcome qualified affiliates for free sign up for our affiliate program and once approved you can set off to sponsor and promote our products.

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