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Careprost With Brush - 3 ml. (0.03%)

  • 126
  • Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution
  • Careprost
  • 3 ml. (0.03%)
  • Sun Pharmaceutical Industries

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Review by Sheroya
Posted on 4/13/2018
Holy Crap

No seriously I bought this awhile ago for the hell of it. and didn't use it consistently, but then I was like why not just use it until its gone. I am a 21 year old African American woman who isn't so blessed in the eyelash department, when I tell you after 3 weeks of use (one drop in the lid and used the brush to put it on top and bottom line) my lashes were unrealistically long. I Swear I couldn't believe it. My only regret was buying one bottle so my lashes have reverted back to a normal length, lowkey still long, but I went back and bought 3 more bottle and I CANNOTwait for them to come!!

Review by Candice
Posted on 5/31/2017
Works great. Lashes are longer

Works great. Lashes are longer and don't need to use much mascara.

Review by Onidrella
Posted on 5/30/2017
made a huge difference!

I used this for my eyebrows and eyelashes and it made a huge difference!

Review by Stephenie
Posted on 5/24/2017
It's a winner!

It's a winner! as I am a beauty blogger and I have used many eyelash growth products, including brand names over the years. This is the only product that has worked for me,

Review by Nadia
Posted on 5/21/2017
impressed about the results.

Love it!!!... I am so impressed about the results... totally like it and will 100% recommended.

Review by Pamela
Posted on 5/14/2017
worked like magic

Works as described. My eyelashes have started to grow in wonderfully.

Review by Georgia
Posted on 5/14/2017
didn't work for me

This didn't work for me one tiny bit. I applied it faithfully every night for two month

Review by Maria
Posted on 4/24/2017
product works well

this product works well. it is easy to apply and not very dark.

Review by Iris
Posted on 4/23/2017
don't use too much.

Used this lash lengthening products. A little thicker but same results, just don't use too much.

Review by Martina
Posted on 4/23/2017
super easy to apply

I do love the eyelash brush makes it super easy to apply

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