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Crampstop is available in the form of Tablet. It is an anti cramp formulation, that helps in restoring normal muscle function during an acute muscle spasm.

SKU 2038
Generic For Crampstop
Generic Name Natural product
Manufacturer Eric Favre Wellness, France

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About the Cramp stop

Crampstop is designed to stop an acute muscle cramp that may occur due to electrolyte imbalance or during long endurance activities, or times of physical exertion. It restores normal muscle function when a painful spasm occurs. The product is all natural, drug-free and causes no interaction with other medications.

Benefits of using Crampstop

  • The anti-cramp preparation helps stop acute episodes of muscular spasm.
  • It works by restoring normal muscle function.
  • It can prevent a muscle cramp from happening if used just at the onset of the muscle spasm.
  • The formulation may also help to limit soft tissue damage and residual pain.

Features of Crampstop

  • Cramptop acts rapidly
  • It can be used by people of any age, including elderly people.
  • The herbal preparation does not contain any stimulants. Therefore, it is legal to use this product during any sports event.
  • Pregnant women can also use this formulation to get relief from muscular spasm.

Warnings and Precautions:

  • Keep out of the reach and sight of children.
  • Never exceed the recommended dose. Always follow your physician’s instructions.
  • Do not use Crampstop if you notice any allergic reaction. Always consult your physician before using this product.
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