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Description Hair Loss Supplement by Dr. Reddy
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Hairootz(Hair Growth supplement )

What is Hairootz?

Hairootz soft gel is a powerful hair growth supplement that prevents the loss of hair and keeps your scalp healthy and nourished. This hair growth supplement is a revolutionary product containing the richness of vitamins and other essential nutrients required for the hair root nourishment.

People, who are suffering from continuous hair fall and fear that they may turn bald need not to worry anymore as this soft gel supplement has the vital nutrients necessary to maintain the hairy tales. Hairootz is among the best hair growth products available that promise to bring improvement in your hair fall problem by providing ample nutrients to the roots of the hair.

Hairootz is the first active hair growth supplement containing those nutrients that you are not able to get enough amount through diet. So, this is a very innovative hair growth supplement that will help you get your luscious locks in a short time.

Understanding the ailments it is used for:

What is hair loss?

Hair loss is a condition that many people often face at some or the time of their life. This problem is called baldness or alopecia. Among males and females, males face this hair loss problem more frequently and that too between the ages of 30-50 years. The major cause of hair loss is:

•    Unnecessary stress

•    Unhealthy lifestyle  and dietary habits

•    Fungal infections

•    Damage by pulling the hairs

•    Iron or any other nutritional deficiency

•    Radiotherapy or chemotherapy

Understanding the drug hairootz:

How does Hairootz work?

The major ingredients of this hair growth pill are Biotin, a vitamin, the deficiency of which is the main reason behind the hair loss and many other topical ailments. Other important ingredients of this hair growth pill are:

  1. Grape seed extract: it contains huge quantity of antioxidants,  even more than the antioxidant value of vitamin E and C2
  2. Minerals: the soft gels are rich in hair growth minerals that benefits by reducing the hair thinning, breakage of hair, premature greying and dandruff prevention
  3. Folic acid: It  is necessary for follicle cell division and development
  4. Some important amino acids: these amino acids are necessary for a better blood circulation in the hair roots

Who is the manufacturer of Hairootz?

Hairootz hair loss supplement come in the form of unflavored soft gels or hair growth pills. Hairootz is a product of popular Indian Drug maker Dr. Reddy’s.



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