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Herbal is made from a word of Herbs; it contains the names and descriptions of plants usually with information on their medicinal and culinary properties. Herbs (plants) are used mainly for manufacturing of medicinal or food purposes, and also the study of botany subject.

Herbal Medicines/Drugs-

Herbal medicine is the oldest and most widely used system of medicine in the world as of today. It is made exclusively from plants. There are many types of herbal medicine that belong to different cultures around the world.  All these herbal medicines have the use of medicinal plants in common, but its uses vary in the way they use the plants and prepare medicines from these plants. Philosophy of herbal treatment, its approaches and methods depends as per need.   There are many other cultures that represented and utilise their own unique and traditional herbal treatments. Herbal medicine is increasing by being validated through scientific investigation which takes interest to understand the active chemistry of the plant. Many modern and latest pharmaceuticals have been derived and found the chemicals in herbal plants.  People use herbal medicines to try to maintain or improve their health. It is the practice of using herbs to treat medical conditions. We should remember that many common drugs or medicines we use were derived from plant-based sources.

Let’s take some examples like, herbalists prescribe white willow for headaches and pain control; scientists originally derived aspirin from willow bark. Digitalis, that is a drug prescribed for certain heart problems, comes from an extract of foxglove flowers. These are just a few examples to define why it's important to consider the advantages of herbal medicines.


Advantages of Herbal Products-

Herbal medicines are mainly derived from plants. They are used in form of supplements to improve well being and health, and can be used also for other therapeutic purposes. The use of herbal medicines or products began India during the Vedic period and in ancient China at the time of Xia dynasty. This approach of herbal medicine is being revived by day to day practice for its long-lasting effect so that today these are expanding throughout the world and gaining very much importance.  These herbal products are available as capsules, extracts, tablets, powders, teas and so on. Herbal products have been used for thousands of years.  Here are some advantages of herbal Products-

  • Herbal medicines are believed to be better and safer than standard medical practice because they are natural and are based on a strongly felt concept of wellness and health.
  • Treatments with herbal medicine concentrate on re-establishing wellness and healing processes. Physicians and health care providers should familiar with these herbal products and they need to recognize potential interaction between herbal and conventional drugs, considering their actual diffusion.
  • Herbal products reduced risk of side effects and it is tend to be more effective and beneficial for long-standing health problems that don't respond well to our traditional medicine. 
  • Another advantage of herbal medicines is their availability. These are available without a prescription. You can grow some simple herbs, such as peppermint and chamomile, at home also.
  • Herbs are used either for their natural healing properties or for their aroma.

Disadvantages of Herbal products- 

Herbs are also with some disadvantages, and herbal medicine is not appropriate in all terms and situations. These are a few of the disadvantages to consider for herbal products-

  • Modern medicine treats suddenly the serious illnesses and accidents more effectively than herbal or any alternative treatments. An herbalist may not be able to treat serious trauma or a heart attack as effectively as a conventional doctor can do by using modern diagnostic tests, surgery, and drugs.
  • The harvesting herb in the wild is risky, some people try to identify and pick wild herbs. They run a very real risk of poisoning themselves if they use the wrong part of the plant or if they don't identify the herb correctly.
  • Herbal treatments can interact with medications. It's important to discuss with your doctor about your medications and herbal supplements to avoid the dangerous interactions.

Herbal Remedies-

It's important that you trust the information you find about herbal products, medicines or remedies, since some herbs have side effects also. In addition to perusing the correct information about herbal/natural products usage and consumption, you should always consult to doctor about using herbal remedies.

Professional and educated writers, who have a passion for herbs and natural healing, contribute information through different media. But you must be sure to check back often. Herbal remedies are available to treat various types of diseases.



Things you must know before Buying Herbal drugs online-


You need to do a little research before buying herbal drugs online. There are many global brands of herbal products. You well get appropriate info about them by the help of following sources:

  • Consult the experts or Doctor as they can advise you on which supplements are safe and effective.
  • Before buying any Herbal product, you must check its label. See the authorized certification of green product on the label and be confirmed if it is genuine or not.
  • Always buy herbal drugs products from the authorized distributor or retailer only. Never trust on any makeshift stall.

·         Search on internet and after knowing their names, visit related their websites to check their credentials.

Myths and facts about herbal products-

Myth- Herbal medicines are truly natural so can’t be harmful

Fact- Well, it’s true they’re from nature, but that doesn't simply mean they are all harmless and safe.  All the products we use are obtained from nature, but it doesn’t mean they can’t cause troubles to our body.

Myth- Herbs have no side effects

Fact- No offence, but it’s a straight lie that manufacturers of these remedies publicize to promote their products. In fact, Herbs can cause serious side effects.

Myth- Herbal remedies do not interact with modern medicine.

Fact- This is a scary myth. There are some really serious interactions to look out for. Different studies have shown that a number of herbal products can safely interact with other drugs, herbs or foods.

Conclusion- Herbal products are totally natural and skin-friendly, containing no chemicals, or any preservatives, it contains pure minerals and vitamins that keep your skin and body healthy.  So if you respect your skin and nature, save money and get effective results by switching to herbal products and medication!









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