Humog Injections. - 150 I.U.

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Generic For Humog Inj.
Strength 150 I.U.
Generic Name Human Menopausal Gonadotropin
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Humog 150 Injection

Humog injection contains Human menopausal gonadotropin as its primary constituent. It is obtained from the urine of women who have achieved menopause. The urine of such women carries a high level of lutotropin hormone (LH), follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), and gonadotropins. Humog is injected intramuscularly into the body. The HMG shot is used to treat infertility in women. It is a hormonally active drug that helps in the stimulation of egg production in the ovaries in women with ovarian failure.

Why are Humog injections prescribed?

  • Female fertility- The injection is especially discovered for women who have not undergone menopause, but are not able to conceive due to hormonal disturbances in the body.
  • Male fertility- It can also be prescribed to males to treat infertility issues caused due to lack of secretion of a specific hormone in the body.

The injection can also be combined with other hormonal drugs for in vitro fertilization and to assist in reproductive techniques.

When should Humog injection not be given?

  • If you have a known history of allergy to human menopausal gonadotropin medications than avoid using it.
  • The medicine is not suitable for women with abnormal vaginal bleeding and the reason behind bleeding is not determined.
  • Women with an enlarged ovary caused by reasons other than poly-cystic ovarian syndrome are not allowed to use Humog injection.
  • The medication is not suitable for people who have a tumor caused due to the presence of sex hormones in excess amount in the body.
  • Patients suffering from the tumor of the adrenal, thyroid, or pituitary gland caused by increased secretion of hormone should not take HMG shot.
  • The HMG shot is not recommended for use in women who have a problem with their ovaries caused by high levels of FSH hormones in the body.

What are the side effects?

Using Humour 150 injections may cause side effects like mood swings, weight gain, swelling at the injection site, weakness, breast tenderness, or enlargement of the breasts. The other most common side effect associated with HMG shot is a pain in the abdominal area indicated by ovarian hyperstimulation (OHSS). This condition develops when too many eggs are produced, and the ovaries swell up. Women taking these shots can conceive twins in case of planning a pregnancy.

What are the dosage indications?

Use it under the guidance of your healthcare provider. Your health specialist will be the right person to suggest the best dose after determining your condition. Contact your healthcare provider for further information if you miss a scheduled dose of your drug.

What are the drugs that can interact with Humog 150 injections?

Whenever you take more than one prescription or non-prescription medicine or mix it with certain foods or juices, consider you at high risk of drug interaction.

Consult your health specialist before using ganirelix with Humog injection. This can decrease the effectiveness of HMG shot. In this case, you may require a dose adjustment and certain tests to determine if these drugs can be used safely. Do not discontinue the use of any drug with having words with your health specialist.

People using HMG shot are advised to consult with their health provider before alcohol consumption. 

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