Description Pantostin
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Strength Pantostin
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Manufacturer Merz Pharma, Germany

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Pantostin is a medicated scalp formulation that allows men to deal with the main cause of hair loss. It is specially created for people with hereditary hair loss. Its active ingredient is alfatradiol, a 5 alpha-reductase inhibitors used topically for the treatment of androgenic alopecia in men and women. It is a successful therapeutic agent because of its relatively fast onset of action, especially in women. Women are suffering from female pattern baldness can purchase pantostin solution, which has been clinically tested as a hair loss medication for women with genetic hair loss.

Product Description

Pantostin is a topical hair solution which is believed to protect hair follicles from the harmful attack of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) without affecting the hormonal balance. Both men and women can use the formulation. The product seems to be more suitable as a treatment for women, who have fewer treatment options when it comes to treating hereditary hair loss. The active ingredient is alfatradiol and is very well tolerated. This alfatradiol based product can only slow the balding process, but it’s not meant to regrow lost hair.

Usage Information

With Pantostin, one can notice an improvement at the root after six to eight weeks of the regular use. The maximum results can be expected after six months of the treatment.   This alfatradiol preparation for hair loss should be applied regularly to maintain the desired results.

Pantostin should be used once daily with the applicator. Spread the hair solution uniformly on the scalp so that it can reach the scalp. Once the desired results are achieved, the application of pantostin can be changed to every alternative day. This for external use on the scalp. The applicator of alfatradiol preparation has the particular advantage that the solution can be used sparingly and selectively directly on the scalp without causing the entire hair to be coated with Alfatradiol solutions.                       

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