Proluton Depot - 500 mg

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Description Hydroxyprogestrone Caproate
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Generic For Proluton Depot
Strength 500 mg
Generic Name Hydroxyprogestrone Caproate
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 Proluton Depot 500 mg 

Proluton Depot 500 mg consists of Hydroprogesterone as main ingredient. This medication is artificially synthesized progesterone that is used to avert preterm delivery.  Physician may also prescribe this mediation for the feminisation. It is a process where male develops female characteristics (loss of facial hair or breast enlargement) results due to hormonal disorders or castration. 

What is Proluton Depot 500 mg for?

Proluton Depot 500mg is used for the treatment of habitual and threatened abortion to prevent preterm delivery in women who had encountered premature baby case in the past.  This medication comes in injection from and should not be prescribed for women:

  • Carrying multiple babies
  • To stop Preterm birth that has already initiated. 

Lack of sufficient amount of progesterone often result in premature delivery. Interruption in normal hormonal cycle known as luteal phase defect.

Prolution Depot injection corrects this imbalance and reduces the danger of miscarriage.

Progesterone in addition with an oestrogen is considered to stimulate the feminisation process for male to female transsexuals by inhibiting testosterone production in body. Proluton Depot injection 500mg is also prescribed for transgender hormone therapy, to initiate breast development and stop the testosterone production.

How does Proluton Depot 500 mg work?

Proluton Depot 500mg injection contains hydroxyprogesterone (500mg) as an active ingredient and works in a same way but is more effective and long-lasting after injected in body.  Progesterone hormone is responsible for regulating menstrual cycle in proper manner and naturally synthesized by the ovaries during luteal phase of the cycle.  It acts on uterus lining by transforming the proliferating phase to the secretory phase and prepares the uterus for normal pregnancy. Endometrium (uterus lining), which has thickened due to oestrogen response during the first half of the cycle to stop growth and start the secretion of hormones and proteins that are essential to maintain a pregnancy.

Where to buy Proluton Depot 500 mg online?

Proluton Depot Injection can be purchased online at an absolute lowest price on in 500mg strength.

What does Proluton Depot 500 mg contain?

Naturogest 200mg contains main ingredients hydroxyprogesterone.

What are the side effects of Proluton Depot 500 mg?

Proluton Depot 500 mg has few side effects as like other medications and side effects occur if taken high doses.

 The most commonly side effects when taking Proluton Depot 500mg are:

  • Irritation at place of injected medication like Pain, swelling, itching, bruising or lump formation
  • Skin rash and itching
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea. 

Jaundice is considered a severe side effect of this medication. 

Call your physician or take quick medical help if any of these above mentioned symptoms persists.

This is not list of all possible side effects. You may or may not experience all of them. In case you experience any other side effects other than these mentioned in the please inform your physician.

What medications interact with Proluton Depot 500 mg?

Always, consult your physician, if you are taking any other drugs, including any that you buy without prescription from the nearby medical store.  Physician will provide you full list of drugs to avoid that can have possible interaction with Proluton Depot 500 mg.

When should Proluton Depot 500 mg not be used?

Proluton Depot 500 mg should not be used in patients with known hypersensitivity to Hydroxyprogesterone and other ingredients present in the formulation.

How should Proluton Depot 500 mg be taken?

Proluton Depot 500 mg dose depends upon your physician. A certified doctor will decide the suitable dose. Therefore, it is important to follow your physician’s instructions for better results.

How long should you take Proluton Depot 500 mg?

You should continue taking Proluton Depot 500 mg till the physician advises you to do so. Do not stop taking medicine on your own without consulting your physician.

Missed dose of Proluton Depot 500 mg

If you have missed a dose of Proluton Depot 500 mg take it as soon as you remember. If it is time to take the next dose is near, please skip the missed dose and take your upcoming dose as prescribed by your physician. Avoid application of two injections at the same time to compensate the missed dose.

How should Proluton Depot 500 mg be stored?

  • Keep the Proluton Depot 500 mg out of reach of children and pets
  • Do not store near heat or open flame
  • Keep far from direct light at a room temperature




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