Proteines Vegan Pistachio


Muscular tone and maintenance

Vegetable  proteins

Lactose, gluten, soya

Vegan Life Style

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Proteines Vegan Pistachio

Proteines vegan pistachio is a protein based vegetable drink from the house of Eric Favre. It is specially created for those who do not wish to consume food derived from animal exploitation. The product is a vegetable protein tri-source preparation containing spirulina titrated with chlorophyll, peas, and rice. It strongly contributes to the muscle development and maintenance. Proteines vegan fulfils all your body needs to improve your muscle tone while promoting muscle maintenance and recovery after a high-intensity workout. The supplement is low in sugar; it is a good choice for people who are on a strict diet. It is perfect to use without impacting your even the strictest diet. It does not contain GMO, soy, gluten and aspartame. The product is composed of more than 81% of the high-quality protein to help preserve muscle mass. It is formulated with an innovative ingredient called Modcarb, which is a  mixture of complex gluten-free carbohydrates, derived from five whole grains.

Proteines vegan pistachio is the best food supplement choice for people who are in search of high protein snack to build muscles after an intensive training. This protein vegan will satisfy all your demands regarding quality and suits people on a vegetarian diet.


Spirulina- It is a rich source of health-giving phytonutrients such as phycocyanin, GLA, carotenoids, and SOD. It contains more iron than spinach.

Rice Protein- Rice protein is considered to help maintain and gain muscle mass. It is known to increase physical performance and help reduce weight.

Pea protein- It contains a good amount of vitamin a B3, B6 and C. It is also rich in magnesium, potassium, copper, and zinc. Being a good source of amino acids, it takes part in the formation of muscle mass and helps in proper functioning of the immune system.


  • Supports healthy blood sugar level balance and immune function
  • Improves body composition by building lean muscles
  • Help with weight loss in obese individuals
  • Lowers age-related muscle and bone loss
  • Available in Pistachio flavor which is incredibly delicious
  • Fight against muscular metabolism
  • Choice of protein for vegetarians
  • Amino acid rich preparation
  • Optimizes recovery after intensive workouts

Usage instructions

  • During training days, 30g in the morning before and after the training to provide proteins to develop muscles.
  • During resting days, consume two 30g doses per day, preferably in the morning and evening.


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