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Sleep Enhancer

People over several years are fighting the problems of sleep deprivation. This has become one of the serious issues in today’s chaotic world where people work day and night and are weak in their immunity. There are even many diseases and syndromes which leads to insomnia as the major side effect.





Various Sleep related disorders:

  • Leg cramps
  • Insomnia
  • Snoring
  • Restlessness
  • Sleep apnoea
  • Narcolepsy
  • Snoring


Signs and Symptoms:


  • Irritability
  • Feeling drowsy and sleepy at day time
  • Not very active during any physical activity like driving
  • Memory loss
  • Problem in concentrating while working or studying
  • Slow reaction to any issue or conversation
  • Emotional outbursts
  • Lazy during day and urge to have caffeine containing drinks for being active
  • Problem in sleeping at night
  • Getting up several times from sleep at night
  • Do not feel fresh in the morning due to fragmented sleep
  • Low in energy at day time


Preventive measures:

It becomes very easy for preventing insomnia or any other sleep related disorders by following the below mentioned steps:

  • By leading a healthy life which can be attained through drinking lots of water every day, taking healthy and balanced diet
  • By not thinking much about day to day life issues, avoiding stressful conditions, getting hold of one’s anger
  • One should exercise daily to maintain an ideal weight and avoid obesity
  • Try to follow a good and regular daily routine which should include getting up early and sleeping early
  • Avoid late night waking up especially on weekends which may affect your biological clock
  • Try not to sleep during day time. This will make you feel more tired at night and you can take sound sleep which will be very helpful
  • If you are having any discomfort while sleeping you should keep yourself away from smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages which will ruin your body’s biological clock greatly
  • Try to stay fit and exercise daily during morning hours
  • You should avoid going to gyms 3 to 4 hours before bed time as this will boost up your energy and you will not feel sleepy at all
  • Do not take heavy meals for dinner. This will make you feel discomfort and you may end up staying awake late at night
  • You should take care while choosing your bed room which should be quiet, dark and optimum temperature should be maintained to help make you sleep sound fully
  • If you feel a little discomfort while sleeping, try to sleep on your sides with your head a little elevated
  • In many cases, people follow a routine before bed time like reading and meditating
  • Make sure you use your bed room only for sleeping and not to do any recreational works in that area
  • If you are unable to get sleep try to engage yourself in activities which will make you fall asleep like reading books and stories

Myths and Facts:

Some of the common myths related with the Sleep disorders are:

  • Snoring is not harmful
  • You can sleep for as many hours as you like and it will not affect your body in anyway
  • Using different means like listening to radio etc. can help you stay awake especially while driving
  • Sleeping in class or lectures or while conferences are bad habits
  • Insomnia is caused due to problem in sleeping
  • Sleeping in day means the person did not get enough sleep at night
  • Sleeping disorders are not at all related with the medical conditions like hypertension, depression, and obesity
  • Old age people need less of sleeping hours
  • Your brain does not work while you are sleeping


Some of the common facts related with the Sleep disorders are:


  • Snoring can be harmful and lead to medical conditions like sleep apnea
  • If a person is sleep deprived it affects his or her performance and ability to work
  • In case you are feeling sleepy especially while driving, you should take a short nap or drink some caffeine beverages
  • Problem while sleeping is only a symptom associated with sleep disorder like insomnia
  • Sleeping even during day time after enough of sleep at night is a sign that person is suffering from narcolepsy
  • Your brain is never at rest, not even while you are sleeping
  • Only the pattern of sleep cycle changes with age not the required hours of sleep


Diagnosis and Treatment of Sleep disorders:


Diagnosis of sleep disorder is much easier to identify by looking at the sleep cycle, working hours, daily routine, medical condition, and various daily activities performed by the patient.


Some of the treatments used to cure the sleeping disorders are taking sleeping pills before bed time. You can also bend for some of the natural sleeping aids or herbal sleeping aids. One of the best way is to drink Herbal Sleep tea, till date it has been considered the best tea for sleep enhancing. You can buy this herbal tea for sleep enhancement online from our website In general doctors advise the patient to take several preventive measures and not be dependent on any drugs or medication.


Important Things to know:

You should always follow a routine which will enhance your body fitness and keep you away from various sleep disorders and depression. This will ultimately enhance your ability to perform at work place and in personal life. In various cases consultation and awareness is very helpful and people feel better.


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