Vanitha Ayur Slim Tone Capsules

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Vanitha Ayur Slim Tone Capsules

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Generic For Vanitha Ayur Slim Tone Capsules
Strength 60 Caps
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Manufacturer Ayur Research Centre

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Vanitha Ayur Slim Tone Capsules

 Vanitha Ayur Slim Tone Capsules are specifically formulated to help you burn extra fat in order to make your body slim and physically fit. This Ayurvedic medication makes your weight loss regime much easier and effortless. The best part of these capsules is that they have minimal or no side effects of any serious nature and you can find an attractive body shape within a few weeks of medication course. It is better to take an advice of your doctor before consuming Vanitha Ayur Slim Tone Capsules for the correct dosage and course.

What does Vanitha Ayur Slim Tone Capsules contain?

The each 500 Gm Ayurvedic capsule has various herbal ingredients that include Aegle Marmelose, Holoptelea Intgrifolia, Terminalia, Chembula, Picorrhiza Kurroa, Aconitum Heterphyllum, Allium Sativum, Crataeva Religeosa, Plumbago Rosea, Boerhavia Diffusa, and Commiphora Mukul. 

How does this medication work?

The Slim Tone capsules can assist natural slimming and toning process of your body. They are developed to reduce weight by shedding the excess of fats accumulated in the body. Aegle Marmelose (Bael) has soothing effects on the digestive system and it increases metabolic process to burn extra fats. Its roots are used to heal stomach pain. The Vanitha Ayur Slim Tone Capsules have Terminalia Chebula which is a kind of health-harmonizer that can lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and they can prevent the death of heart tissue. The properties of Garlic or Allium sativum present in this medicine can help you burn excess of fats by intensifying the metabolic process.


Usually, doctors recommend only 2 capsules three times a day. Any change in the dosage should be under the direction of your doctor. You can easily buy Vanitha Ayur Slim Tone Capsules online at an affordable cost.

Side effects of Vanitha Ayur Slim Tone Capsules:

Vanitha Ayur Slim Tone Capsules are made from herbal ingredients, so there is no concern for the side effects of any serious nature. However, some mild side effects are possible in rare cases. Such side effects are stomach pain, dizziness, vomiting, rash, and breathing shortness.

What if you miss the regular dose?

If you miss or forget to take the regular dose of this capsule, do not make it double at the time of next dose. In the case of excess dosage, contact your doctor for medical help. Since it is a herbal medication, you need not to worry for any serious consequences due to overdose. Vanitha Ayur Slim Tone Capsules are made for adult only, so keep it away from children.   

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