Sotalol 40mg

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Description Sotalol
SKU 2260
Generic For Beta Pace
Strength 40mg
Generic Name Sotalol
Manufacturer Tillomed, UK

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Sotalol Tab 40mg

Doctors prescribe Sotalol 40 mg tablet for treating arrhythmias such as tachycardia and fibrillation condition. In simple words, the medicine treats serious disorder of irregular heartbeat. This is an anti-arrhythmic medicine that rapidly restores your heart rhythm and makes it steady and regular. The medicine belongs to a group of drugs called beta-blockers, and it works by blocking abnormal electrical signals in the heart. This medicine helps to control uneven heartbeats. Sotalol is a prescription drug and should be taken exactly as directed by your physician.

 Usage Indication

Follow your doctor’s instruction to get the best benefits from this medicine. Sotalol efficiently slows down the heart rate and make it easier for your heart to get better blood supply. Sotalol is usually a once a day tablet can be taken anytime in the day with or without food. Take the medicine before going to bet if it makes you feel dizzy. The medicine comes in brand-name and generic form both. Choose any of one you are comfortable with. Only adults and children age above 12 years can take Sotalol. Take a glass of water and swallow the tablet (do not crush or chew it). Take medicine regularly at the same time to avoid missing the dose. Regular monitoring of blood pressure and heart rate is needed to check the progress. Do not stop taking the medicine abruptly, consult your doctor and seek his advice for change or alter the dose. Inform your doctor if you ever had any liver, heart or thyroid issue or you drink alcohol. Also avoid taking this medicine with dairy products such as curd, milk, cheese, or ice cream. 


Medicines for depression, mental illness, antibiotics are not allowed if you are taking Sotalol. Pregnant woman, breastfeeding mom should inform their doctor before taking this drug. Your doctor may ask you to undergo certain tests like liver or thyroid gland, blood tests etc. for the best result. Inform about your medical history and current medication you may are taking to your doctor to avoid side effects.

 Side Effects of Sotalol 40 mg Tablet

Like any other medicine, Sotalol can cause certain side effects, but many people have no side effects, minor side effects often disappear as your body gets adjusted with the medicine.

The common side effects of Sotalol tablet include headache, feeling tired, slow heart rate, fatigue, muscle weakness, breathlessness, dizziness, and proarrhythmia. Consult your doctor to prevent these side effects. In rare cases, patients experience an allergic reaction to this medicine. Visit your doctor if any of the side effects persist longer than usual.



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