Sotalol Tab 80mg

Description Sotalol
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Generic For Beta Pace
Strength 80mg
Generic Name Sotalol
Manufacturer Tillomed, UK

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Sotalol Tab 80mg

 Sotalol is a prescription medication that helps to treat ventricular tachycardia. It is a type of serious disease in which a patient feels and experience a fast heartbeat. The doctor also prescribes this medicine to treat irregular or fast heartbeat issues in patients. The drug efficiently lessens the symptoms and control the heart rate and bring a heartbeat on normal mode. Sotalol is a beta-blocker and an anti-arrhythmic medicine that treats heart flutter or atrial fibrillation. The medicine comes in brand-name and generic both. Sotalol gets adjusted with your body as you continue with the treatment and helps your blood vessels to relax so that your heart starts working better.

 Usage Instructions

Follow your doctor instruction to take Sotalol. He will set the dosage based on your health condition and response to treatment. Usually, the doctor prescribes this tablet from 1 to 3 times a day with or without food. Sotalol also comes in a liquid form; in this case, measure the medicine quantity properly to get the medicine. In children, the doctor decides the dosage according to the age and body size. Take medicine regularly to get the maximum benefits from it. Do not club your Sotalol dose with other medicines (if you take). Maintain a gap of at least 30 minutes between Sotalol and other medication. Follow the dosage exactly as prescribed your doctor, do not alter, or change your own. Also, maintain a stock of this medication to avoid missing the dose. Arrange your refills in advance to avoid running out of medicine.


Mention your doctor if you are allergic to Sotalol or any of its ingredient. Also, describe your medical history to avoid any side effects. The low level of magnesium or potassium can raise the risk of QT prolongation (in this case, the heart muscle takes longer than normal time to recharge between heartbeats in your body. A diabetic patient may experience harder to control their blood sugar level. While taking this tablet, make sure to keep monitoring your BP and blood sugar level on alternate days.

Side Effects of Sotalol 80 mg

Like any other medication, Sotalol also has certain side effects. The commonly reported side effects of the same are:

-          Breathing difficulty

-          Irregular heartbeat

-          Chest pain

-          Dizziness or fatigue

-          Nausea

-          Headache

-          Sleep disturbance

-          Anxiety

-          Depression

-          Tiredness

Usually, these side effects disappear their own as the medicine adjust to your body, in case if any of the side effects persist longer than usual then call your doctor to seek his advice. The above list is not a complete list of side effects. Your doctor can guide you best what other side effects are likely to happen with Sotalol 80 mg tab.

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