Tentex Forte (25+5+65)mg

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Generic For Tentex Forte
Strength (25+5+65)mg
Generic Name crocus sativus, piper nigrum, withania somnifera

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Tentex Forte - (25+5+65) mg

Presenting Tentex forte from the house of Himalaya is a natural composition of ingredients that can-do wonder for you when it comes to enhancing your stamina and performance. The herbal formulation comes with beneficial properties such as androgenic, anti-inflammatory, aphrodisiac, antibacterial including other essential properties. If you have tried other herbal formulations to improve your sexual performance but failed miserably, then you should give a try to this product and use it regularly as prescribed by the specialist to boost the libido and sexual stamina.

What is Tentex Forte?

Tentex Forte is an aphrodisiac by Himalaya, which is extremely effective in enhancing stamina and sexual performance. It comes in the form of tablets that are made up of natural herbs and ayurvedic minerals such as bhasma that are well known for its aphrodisiac properties. The Himalaya product is a libido stimulant which is beneficial for improving sexual performance in men. Stress is considered as the primary reasons behind the disruption of hypothalamic-pituitary hormones, which brings performance anxiety. Tentex Forte tablets are made up in a way that it gives strength to perform better in the bedroom and make your intimate moments more enjoyable.

Key Benefits of Tentex Forte

Himalaya Tentex Forte is considered is an aphrodisiac tonic that helps boost the stamina in men. It contains some well-known herbs like shilajit and ashwagandha, which gives strength to perform better and reduces stress or anxiety.

Low libido- Ingredients in Tentex Forte has some powerful actions that help in enhancing libido and improving penile functions. It also alleviates anxiety linked with poor sexual performance by reducing stress which ultimately becomes a hurdle in achieving the stamina requires for satisfactory intercourse.

Weakness- Natural ingredients like ashwagandha and shilajit are well known for restoring strength and improving performance in the bedroom. In most cases, men with low testosterone levels experience poor performance and erection problems. Certain herbs in the Himalaya tablets directly works to improve blood testosterone levels. Gokshura or Tribulus Terrestris also increases the strength of the male reproductive organ. It is also a good option for people suffering from erection problems.

Erectile dysfunction or ED- The presence of Tribulus Terrestris in Tentex Forte comes as an additional benefit as it helps to improve blood flow, which helps in sustaining the erection for a more extended period, hence making you enjoy to fullest. 

Working Mechanism of Tentex Forte

Tentex Forte 25� contains some powerful herbs such as crocus sativus, Piper nigrum, and Withaniasomnifera as the active ingredients along with other inactive ingredients. These herbs improve the levels of testosterone hormones in men. They directly act on the hypothalamus which improves libido, so it is considered as a booster that enhances the sexual performance with the goodness of these powerful herbs. The product is also effective for those with erectile dysfunction (ED) by relaxing the penile tissues and the surrounding muscles of the penis and helps to sustain the erection for satisfactory intercourse. 

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