Tistigmine 15 mg

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Generic For Prostigmin
Strength 15 mg
Generic Name Neostigmine Bromide
Manufacturer Tablet India

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Tistigmine 15 mg (Neostigmine Bromide)

Tistigmine is primarily used to treat myasthenia gravis, a disease characterized by weakness of the skeletal muscles of the body.  Its active component Neostigmine is a reversible acetylcholine esterase inhibitor, which increases the contractility of smooth muscles. This parasympathomimetic agent is also useful when the normal movements of the intestine are not present and for the treatments of patients with urinary retention after surgery.

Tistigmine general information

What is Tistigmine used for?

Tistigmine is used to improve muscle strength in the symptomatic treatment of myasthenia gravis. It is also useful in preventing and treating postoperative bladder distention and urinary retention or ileus. It is administered to reverse the neuromuscular blockade.

How does Tistigmine work?

Tistigmine comprises of an active component called Neostigmine Bromide, which works by inhibiting the breakdown of acetylcholine so that it accumulates and has a prolonged effect. These effects may include bradycardia, lacrimation, miosis, bronchial constriction, increased muscle tone, ureteral constriction, increased salivation, and sweating. In this way, the medicine improves muscular function in myasthenia gravis patients, improved the problem of bladder emptying in patients with urinary retention, or reversal of nondepolarizing neuromuscular blockers.

Where to buy Tistigmine online?

Tistigmine is available to purchase online from premiumrxdrugs.com in doses of 15 mg.  You can buy Tistigmine 15 mg online at the lowest discount price.  

What does Tistigmine contain?

Tistigmine tablets for oral administration, contains 15 mg of Neostigmine Bromide. The beneficial ingredient acts by blocks the activity of an enzyme, which switches off nerve impulses to muscles.

What are the side effects of Tistigmine?

The most commonly reported side effects of the medicine are as follows:

  • Gastrointestinal tract disorders: abdominal cramps, vomiting, excess salivation, diarrhea, nausea
  • Dermatological issues: sweating, skin rash
  • Central nervous system disorders: weakness, seizures, dizziness
  • Respiratory tract diseases: excess secretions, bronchospasm
  • Cardiovascular problems: hypotension, bradycardia
  • Ocular symptoms: miosis, lacrimation

What medications interact with Tistigmine?

The action of Neostigmine may be antagonized by drugs possessing anticholinergic properties. These drugs may include antidepressants, phenothiazines, disopyramide, haloperidol, antihistamines atropine, and quinidine.

Its administration may prolong the action of depolarizing muscle relaxing agents such as decamethonium and succinylcholine.

When should Tistigmine not be used?

  • Tistigmine is not recommended for patients who have been demonstrated hypersensitivity to Neostigmine or other inactive ingredients of the formulation. 
  • Avoid taking it if you are suffering from mechanical obstruction of the gastrointestinal tract or genito- uterine tract.
  • The medicine is not suitable for lactating mothers.

Use it cautiously in the following conditions:

  • Ulcer disease
  • Seizure disorder
  • History of asthma
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Pregnancy

How should Tistigmine be used?

The medicine in supplied in the form of tablets for oral use. The tablets are meant to be swallowed with a glass full of water. For the treatment of myasthenia gravis, the adult and teenage dose vary from person to person. Your physician will decide a correct dose for your after carefully evaluating you. You are advised to follow your physician’s directions. Try not to consume extra tablets. If you think you have taken more than the recommended amount, immediately seek medical help. Carry the remaining doses and the prescribed form with you so that that the medical staff knows exactly what you have taken.

How long should you use Tistigmine?

Use Tistigmine on a regular basis to attain maximum relief and continue for as long as recommended by your physician. To achieve the full benefit, take it regularly without missing doses.

Missed dose of Tistigmine

If you think you have missed a dose of Tistigmine 15 mg, take it when you remember. If it is nearly time to take the next dose, following your dosing schedule, wait until the next dose and go back to your normal dosing schedule. Avoid taking a double dose.

How should Tistigmine be stored?

Store the medicine at room temperature away from excess heat and moisture. Keep it away from the sight of children and pets. Do not freeze the medication.




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