Under Eye Cream (Himalaya)

Description Berginia Ligulata & Tpadessa Baccifear
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Himalaya Under Eye Cream

Himalaya Under Eye Cream is a 100% pure herbal cosmetic product, which is free from harsh chemical and gives you 100% natural and safe result. Himalaya Under Eye Cream is formulated especially for the delicate skin under the eyes. The skin under the eye is more fragile and very prone to dryness. This eye area easily invites wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles if not taken care of it well. There are various reasons like stress, fatigue, for having the dark circles under the eye area. This product is formulated to help in reducing the under eye circles, pigmentation, and blemishes.


Himalaya Under Eye Cream contains proven and safe herbal ingredients, which makes the product natural and safe. The ingredients include:

Cipadessa Baccifera: It moisturizes the under eye skin and prevents the fine lines.

Winter Begonia: It has a various medicinal effect. It helps in brightening the under eye dark skin.

Triticum Vulgare: It helps in nourishing the skin under the eye.

How does it work?

Himalaya under eye cream is a perfect natural blend which has been formulated to brighten, smoothens, the skin around the eye area and overcome the dark circle problem. The herbal contents of this product work by inhibiting the enzyme tyrosinase, which is responsible for skin darkening that results in reducing dark circles of an under the eye. It helps in restoring the dermal hydration and build collagens and elastic fibers that are responsible for firmness of the skin.

This product also has an anti- oxidant property that prevents the destruction of skin cells by deactivating free radicals.

Usage instruction:

It should be applied on under eye skin. Clean your eyes and face before applying it. Gently apply the cream and massage under eye skin area twice daily.


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