Ventorlin CFC Free Inhaler - 100mcg (200 mdi)

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Generic For Albuterol
Strength 100mcg (200 mdi) Inhaler
Generic Name Salbutamol
Manufacturer GSK Australia

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Ventorlin CFC Free Inhaler - 100mcg

Ventorlin Inhaler (Salbutamol) is prescribed for the treatment of asthma, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema. Ventorlin contains 100mcg of salbutamol per dose.


Ventorlin CFC Free Inhaler general information

What is Ventorlin CFC Free Inhaler used for?

Ventorlin CFC Free Inhaler is used to prevent symptoms associated with wheezing, and shortness of breath. Respiratory conditions caused by asthma, chronic bronchitis and emphysema are also treated with Ventorlin CFC Free Inhaler.

How does Ventorlin CFC Free Inhaler work?

Ventorlin CFC Free Inhaler acts as a reliever and it helps a great deal to improve the breathing pattern. It does not cure asthma or other respiratory diseases. It can be used as a rescue medication during an asthma attack but cannot be used to cure asthma.

Ventorlin CFC Free Inhaler is used as a puff in an aerosol container with actuation. Salbutamol is delivered on every puff. The medicine acts on the airways to the lungs and works by relaxing the muscles thereby widening them. This removes the tightness and other symptoms of asthma.

Where to buy Ventorlin CFC Free Inhaler?

Ventorlin CFC Free Inhaler is available to buy online from in 100 mcg at an unbeatable price.

What does Ventorlin CFC Free Inhaler contain?

Ventorlin CFC contains 100mcg of salbutamol per dose as an active ingredient.

What are the side effects of Ventorlin CFC Free Inhaler?

The side effects of the drug are fast heartbeats, painful urination, vision problem, muscle cramps etc. Read the physician`s prescription carefully before using the inhaler.

Ventorlin CFC Free Inhaler contains Salbutamol, Dichlorodiflouromethane, trichlorofluromethane and oleic acid.

What medications interact with Ventorlin CFC Free Inhaler?

Please tell your physician about all the medicines you are taking. Combination of some medicines can lead to harmful effect. 

When should Ventorlin CFC Free Inhaler not be used?

Ventorlin CFC Free Inhaler should be avoided if your are allergic to the ingredients present in the medication. In such case you must consult with a certified physician. This medicine is not suggested to the people who are suffering from cardiac problems, who are allergic to the composition of the medicine and women who are pregnant. 

How should Ventorlin CFC Free Inhaler be taken?

Ventorlin should be taken as per prescribed by physician to get the optimal results from treatment. Consult your physician to ensure the correct usage. Before use make sure that the canister is properly inserted into the inhaler unit and shake well. Exhale it slowly and deeply. Adjust its mouthpiece in between your lips and try to keep your tongue flat unless your physician has instructed you to hold the inhaler one or two inches away from your open mouth or to use a special spacing device. Press the canister down while deeply inhales to draw the medicine into the lungs. Hold your breath for as long as possible before exhaling to allow it to be absorbed. Put the cap back onto the inhaler and store it safely for the next use.

How long should you take Ventorlin CFC Free Inhaler?

Continue taking Ventorlin CFC Free Inhaler for as long as your physician recommends.

Missed dose of Ventorlin CFC Free Inhaler

In case if you have skipped a dose then skip that dose for the day. Don't simply double the next dose to compensate the skipped one. This action can lead to overdose and ultimately adverse affect on the body.

 How should Ventorlin CFC Free Inhaler be stored?

  • Keep Ventorlin CFC Free Inhaler in its original packet until it is time to take them.
  • Keep the Ventorlin CFC Free Inhaler at room temperature in a cool and dry place.
  • Place the medicine where children cannot reach.



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