Zocor 10 mg

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Generic For Zocor
Strength 10 mg
Generic Name Simvastatin
Manufacturer MSD, Turkey

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Zocor 10 mg (Simvastatin)

Zocor 10 mg consists of active ingredient Simvastatin belongs to a group of statins, or HMG-CoA inhibitors. It is also called as hypolipidemic, decreasing LDL levels. The drug is implicated in a multitude of biological functions, demonstrates anticancer and anti-inflammatory properties.

What is Zocor 10 mg used for?

Zocor 10 mg is used primarily for the treatment of dyslipidemia. The drug also prevents atherosclerosis-related events such as heart attacks and stroke. Simvastatin is suggested to be used as an additional therapy to a low cholesterol diet. The medicine is used together with diet, weight loss, and exercise to lowers the raised lipid levels in the body. Simvastatin is also used to reduce the risk of heart related problems in those patients who are at high risk. It is an oral medication.

How does Zocor work?

Zocor works by lowering the "bad" cholesterol and raises the "good" cholesterol in the body when exercise and changes to diet are not sufficient on their own. The drug also reduces the production of fatty substances in the blood of an individual. Buy Zocor 10 mg online, and get the best price of the product.

What are the different doses of Zocor?

Zocor is available to order online from premiumrxdrugs.com in 10 mg strength. You can buy Zocor 10mg online at unbeatable price.

How should Zocor be taken?

  • Zocor is present in the form of tablets. Swallow the tablet with an adequate amount of water. It may be taken without regard to food.
  • The dose regimen varies from patient to patient; it depends on the age, weight, and condition of the patients. 
  • The usual dose range is 5 mg Simvastatin tablet, every day to 40 mg Simvastatin tablet, every day. You can take the Simvastatin tablet at any time, or as suggested by the pharmacist.
  • The pediatric dose of Zocor mostly depends upon the weight of the patient. The doctor may prescribe the medicine, according to the body weight of the pediatric patient. 
  • Consume the tablet in the same way as suggested to you. Don’t alter the dosage plan.
  • Overdose: Seek medical attention immediately, in the case of an overdose of Simvastatin.

 Missed dose of Zocor:

If you have forgotten a dose, take it as soon you remember and go back to your usual dosing schedule. If the time to take the next dose is near, leave the forgotten dose and take the next dose. Don’t double up the dose to compensate the forgotten one.

  • Take the tablets for as long as your doctor recommended.

What are Side effects of Zocor?

Like other medicines, Zocor may cause adverse effects. Seek medical attention, in case the given troubles arise:

  • Mild skin rash
  • Unexplained muscle pain
  • Tenderness
  • Weakness
  • Stuffy nose

The adverse reactions of Zocor can be dangerous also. Visit the doctor immediately, in the following situations.

  • Mental confusion
  • Jaundice
  • Itching
  • Weight loss
  • Vision problem
  • Dryness of the skin

What medications interact with Zocor?

Avoid consuming Zocor, if you are taking the medicines that are given below:

  • Anticancer drugs
  • Steroidal drugs
  • Atorvastatin
  • Fenofibrate
  • Lovastatin
  • Itraconazole
  • Digoxin
  • Rosuvastatin
  • Colchicine
  • Itraconazole

When should Zocor not be used?

Tell the doctor before consuming Zocor:

  • If you are hypersensitive to the drug, or its components.
  • If you are suffering from liver diseases.
  • If you are suffering from diabetes mellitus.
  • If you have low blood pressure.
  • If you have thyroid related problems.
  • If you a medical history of kidney diseases.
  • If you drink an excessive amount of alcohol.
  • If you have allergies to food, medicines, and other substances.
  • If you are a woman of child bearing potential. You should discuss the positives and negatives of taking Simvastatin, at the time of pregnancy.
  • If you have epilepsy.
  • Breastfeeding women are advised not to take Zocor as it may pass into the breast milk and harm the nursing baby.
  • If you have been told by your doctors that you have intolerance to some sugars.
  • The drug may cause dizziness. Do not drive, or use machinery, while taking Zocor as these activities may require a high degree of mental attention.

How should Zocor be stored?

  • Do not forget to see the expiry date of the product.
  • Store the tablet in a dry place and out of the direct light.
  • It should be stored at a room temperature.
  • Place the medicine away from infants.
  • Do not share your medicines with your near and dear ones.
  • Always keep the written record of your medications.
  • Always keep the tablets in its original pack only.


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