Glucobay 50mg (Acarbose)

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Strength 50mg
Generic Name Acarbose
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                                                                                                              Glucobay 50mg (Acarbose)

Glucobay 50mg is a drug used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. It helps in controlling the amount of sugar in the blood of the patient. It is an oral drug that contains Acarbose as an active ingredient. Acarbose is pseudotetrasaccharide of microbial origin. It is used for the treatment of insulin-dependent (IDDM) and non-insulin dependent diabetes. Glucobay is the most preferred medicine prescribed in mild to severe diabetic conditions.

What is Glucobay is used for?

Glucobay 50mg tablets are very efficient in the treatment of diabetes. During the treatment of non-insulin dependent diabetes; it works by slowing down the digestion of carbohydrates (complex sugars), which decreases the abnormally high blood sugar levels in your body after each meal. The Glucobay is prescribed when the patient is unable to achieve sufficient glycaemic control by diet, exercise and weight loss alone.

How does Glucobay work?

Glucobay contain Acarbose selectively binds to the enzymes in the intestine that break down food to release glucose (sugar) into your bloodstream and slow down the action of these enzymes. Slowing down the digestion of food prevents large spikes in blood sugar level following a meal and also smooth out daily fluctuation in blood sugar.

What are the different doses of Glucobay?

The active substance contained in Glucobay tablets is Acarbose, a member of drugs, which inhibits the enzyme in the intestine.

What are the side effects of Glucobay?

Glucobay tablets are well tolerated, but is always possible that you may experience side effects. The most common side effects include: diarrhea, stomach or abdominal pain, feeling of fullness, rumbling in your stomach, increased wind, indigestion, increase in liver enzymes, etc.

Some serious side effects are less common and may include:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Sleeping problems
  • Problem in swallowing (Dysphagia)
  • Pain and discomfort in the abdomen
  • Extreme weakness
  • Less urination than normal
  • Swelling
  • Jaundice
  • Rashes
  • Redness of the skin
  • Skin eruptions
  • A decrease in bowel activity
  • Hepatitis
  • Gas pockets in the bowel
  • Rash with pus filled pimples/blisters

If you get any of the side effects that are mentioned above, inform your doctor or pharmacist immediately.

What medications interact with Glucobay?

Tell your doctor if you are taking, taken or might take any other drugs:

  • Neomycin
  • Colestyramine
  • Digoxin
  • Sulphonylureas
  • Metformin
  • Insulin

The list is not complete, ask your doctor to provide you the complete list of drugs that may negatively interact with Glucobay and avoid these drugs. If you are already taking these drugs, then inform your doctor about it.

When should Glucobay not be used?

Glucobay should not be used in patients:

  • With known hypersensitivity to Glucobay or to any ingredients of the drug
  • With hepatic impairment
  • With severe renal impairment
  • With chronic intestinal disorders

How should Glucobay be taken?

  • The doctor will describe the best dosage according to the age, condition and severity of the condition of the patient
  • The Glucobay tablets should be consumed as whole with a glass full of water. It is taken with meals as it works best with a meal
  • Never crush, chew, or split the tablets as it may release the drug all at once and may then cause harm to the body.
  • Take it regularly.
  • Do not change the dose or stop taking the drug without prior consultation with the doctor
  • In case you accidentally take an overdose of the drug, then immediately contact your doctor in case you feel any discomfort. Use the medicines regularly and wisely to avoid an overdose of the drug

How long should you take Glucobay?

Glucobay is intended for continuous long-term treatment. Therefore, you may need to take Glucobay tablets for the rest of your life, as recommended by your doctor.

Missed dose of Glucobay?

In the case of miss a dose, do not panic and take the dose as soon as you remember, but if it is less 12 hours left in the dose of this drug then leave the missed dose and take the next dose at the correct time.

How long Glucobay be stored?

  • Glucobay is stored at room temperature.
  • It should be kept away from children.
  • Do not take the tablets after the expiry date, which is mentioned in the cartoon.
  • Do not through away any medicine via household waste. Ask your doctor how to through away drugs you no longer use. These effective measures will help protect the environment.


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