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Indian Online pharmacy is a growing market segment. It has a fourth rank globally in sales volume, producing 20-24% of the generic drug in the global market. With continuous work and improvement, they have been able to create their own stand. Today many of the international Pharma companies are eager to work with Indian pharmaceutical company and found it as an attractive market to develop and set up their business because of the fact, here in India demand is very high and the labor cost is less. Thereby, they have been able to make a lot of business and funds from the foreign markets, and thus the pharmaceutical industry is a boon to the GDP of both India, and that of the world.

In India, Pharmaceutical industry is distinctly divided with more than 20,000 registered companies. The industry in India has triggered radical price competition. By joining hands with foreign business investors, Indian Pharmacy sector is getting advantages as they get introduced with new technologies and processes that help them in speeding up their manufacturing and automating process. With a rich scientific work force and a vast potential of research and development, and the backing of the Intellectual Property Protection administration, Indian pharmaceutical companies are making its position globally.

The generic drug is identical to the brand name version in safety, strength, quality, characteristics, administration, dosage form, and intended use. Since generic drugs contain the same active ingredients as the brand name drugs they have same pharmacological actions and also it costs less than the brand drugs. An opportunity for generic medications increases considerably, therefore many of the Indian Pharmaceutical companies are working in the formulation and development of the generic drugs.

Nowadays there are lots of Indian pharmaceutical companies have become online and extending their possibility of business.  As many people now a days prefer to make their purchases online. Therefore new area gets developed to expand business, and as a result Indian pharmacy also starts booming.

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