Aromasin 25mg


Exemestane 25mg Tablet

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Generic For Aromasin
Strength 25 mg
Generic Name Exemestane
Manufacturer Pfizer (Turkey)

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Aromasin 25mg (Exemestane Tablet)


Aromasin 25mg has proven to be a useful treatment for women with early-stage disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body. The medicine contains the active ingredient Exemestane, which falls into the category of anti-estrogens, used to seize the synthesis of estrogen by the release of the aromatase enzyme. Despite the improvement in survival rate observed with Tamoxifen (anti-breast cancer therapy), a considerable population of women with estrogen receptor breast cancer do not appear to benefit from the oral anti-cancer treatment. Many breast cancer patients experience relapses, and some died after the initial five years after surgery, according to studies. These limitations have promoted the search for an alternative option with increased effectiveness and fewer long-term complications and led to the development of exemestane-the anti-aromatase inhibitor. Exemestane works to block the aromatase enzyme in the process of estrogen synthesis, thus significantly reducing the circulating estrogen concentrations. Studies revealed a decrease in estrogen levels by 85% to 95% in women with estrogen receptor breast cancer who take a single dose of Aromasin 25 mg.


Clinical uses of Aromasin 25 mg


Aromasin 25 mg tablet is prescribed for the treatment of breast cancer. It contains the active ingredient Exemestane, which works by restricting the activity of the aromatase enzyme. The medicine is beneficial for women with oestrogen receptor breast cancer. Such type of breast cancers has estrogen receptors that require estrogen hormone to grow and spread. Therefore, to treat this type of cancer, it is essential to lower the estrogen concentrations, which Aromasin or Exemestane 25 mg can do. The medicine may also be prescribed to postmenopausal women with advanced stages of breast cancer, where there has been a consistent progression of diseases can be seen following tamoxifen therapy.


Dosing Instructions


Your doctor will be the right person to guide you about the correct dosage and tell you whether the medicine is safe for you or not. The dosage and duration of the treatment generally depend on individual circumstances. Usually, some people start taking it after a few years of taking Tamoxifen. If you are using Aromasin to treat breast cancer that has spread to other parts of the body, you usually need to take it for as long it can keep your cancer growth under control.


Possible Side Effects


The common side effects of Aromasin 25 mg are headaches, severe joint pain, excessive sweating, and hot flashes. Women patients who are using Exemestane for treating ER-positive breast cancer can also exhibit symptoms of exhaustion and nausea. Sometimes sudden outbreaks of acne can also appear with regular use Exemestane. The side effects of Aromasin are just not avoidable. In case any of these unwanted effects become troublesome, call your doctor right away.


Precautions Needed for Aromasin Tablet


This highly prescribed oral pill for ER-positive breast cancer should be taken under the guidance of a doctor. Those who are allergic to Exemestane should tell their doctor and need to ask about any other medicines that can interact with this anti-aromatase inhibitor. This treatment may prove extremely beneficial for you if you follow your doctor’s directions carefully. Also, your doctor should be aware of your medical history and present health status. Inform your doctor sooner if you are suffering from health conditions like heart disease, kidney disorder, liver impairment, or have had a heart attack. Usually, the tablet is taken once daily before or after consuming food. The dose may vary from person to person; therefore, it is best to make it as per your doctor’s instructions.

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