Bimat LS 3 ml 0.01%

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Generic For Bimat
Strength 0.01%
Generic Name Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution
Manufacturer Ajanta Pharma
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Bimat LS 3 ml 0.1%

For adults who are suffering from open-angle glaucoma, ophthalmologist usually prescribes a prostaglandin analogue eye drop such as Bimat LS 3 ml 0.1 to reduce intraocular pressure (IOP). The medication contains Bimatoprost 0.01% lowers pressure by increasing the outflow of fluid from the eye. The eye drops treat the condition of ocular hypertension by helping open the drain. Normally, fluid is constantly being produced and drained out of the eye. In patients with ocular hypertension, fluid does not drain out of the eyes, which builds up pressure within the eye. Bimat eye drops increase the flow of fluid out of the eye. The ophthalmic solution begins to work within 4 hours after being instilled in the eye. Prostaglandin analogue drop is a first-line treatment as it works better than any other glaucoma medication available. The ophthalmic solution comes with minimal side effects, but locally cause redness or eyelash growth in patients. For best effects, used it daily under the guidance of an eye care specialist.        

Usage Instructions

Use Bimat LS 3 ml 0.1% as instructed by your ophthalmologist. Do not use it more than the suggested amount. The general dose of Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution is one drop in the affected eye. It should not be used for more than once daily, since using this eye drop more than once daily may reduce eth effects of the medication. For best results, it is important to use this ophthalmic solution as prescribed by your eye care specialist. To use Bimat LS ophthalmic formulation:

-          Wash your hands before using the eye drops. Tilt your head and gently squeeze the bottle to instil one drop in the affected eye. Do not blink and close the eye. Keep them closed for about 1 to 2 minutes to allow the medicine to get absorbed by the eye.

-          Remove the excess medication around the eye with a cotton swab or a tissue.

-          After using the eye drops, immediately wash your hands to remove the medicine that may be on your hands.

-          If you wear contact lens, the preservatives used in the Bimat LS drops may not be suitable for you. Make sure you remove contact lenses before you use this ophthalmic solution. You may put your lens back fifteen minutes after you have used the medicine.


Make sure you use Bimat LS under the guidance of an eye care specialist. If your ophthalmologist has prescribed you Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution than he/she will want to examine you regularly to make sure whether the medication is working properly or not. In case, itching, swelling, or redness occur, talk to your eye doctor. These symptoms may indicate an allergic reaction towards Bimatoprost 0.1%. While receiving this prostaglandin analogue treatment, you may also notice that the iris of your treated eye may gradually become brown in colour. The change is more noticeable within several months or years. Also, the ophthalmic solution may make your lashes to grow longer darker and thicker. These changes to iris and eyelashes may be permanent even if you discontinue treatment.

Side Effects of Bimat LS 3 ml 0.1%?

Along with beneficial effects, Bimat LS may contribute to unwanted effects that are usually mild. Although not everyone who uses this prostaglandin analogue develops side effects, if they occur, talk to your eye doctor straight away. Check with your eye care specialist if you develop common side effects such as itching, redness, burning sensation, dry eyes, blurry vision, eye colour changes, long eyelashes, or vision changes. Most of these side effects do not need medical attention, and they may go during treatment as body adjusts to the drug.

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