Pleasure Pack (Manly 100 mg 40 Pills Ceebis 20 mg 40 Pills *Condom pack (7pcs)

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Pleasure Pack (Manly 100 mg 40 Pills, Ceebis 20 mg 40 Pills and 7pcs of Condoms

People spend hours, even days researching various erectile dysfunction medications, but the only way to find out which one best to resolve your issue is to try them and compare their effects. That’s where and impotence trial pack helps.

The impotence pack is sold under the brand name pleasure pack containing the two most popular and effective ED medications namely Manly 100 mg 40 pills and Ceebis 20 mg 40 pills on the market along with the condom pack. This has been created so that people suffering from ED can try each one and discover which suits their body and lifestyle the best.

Use Of Pleasure Pack

Pleasure pack features two ED medications, namely Manly and Ceebis along with the most stimulating condoms to provide sensual excitement for both partners whenever they make love. The trial pack is for the treatment of symptoms of ED in men aged 18 years. The medicines in the pack help those men who are unable to get or keep an erection hard enough to perform sexual activity. It is available without a prescription only and at the very reasonable rate.

Key features of Manly 100 mg & Ceebis 20 mg

Manly is a drug containing Sildenafil citrate as a key ingredient. It works great when it comes to restoring erectile function in men.

Ceebis is a drug formulated to treat erection problems in men. It has Tadalafil as its active ingredient. The drug is highly effective and stays for 36 hours in the blood after consuming it.

Key features of condom pack (7Pcs)

The condom pack has the following features:

  • Lubricated condom for comfort and extra sensitivity
  • Made from premium quality latex to provide the couple extra sensation
  • Clinically tested to help ensure reliability
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