Dicorate ER 125 mg

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Generic For Divalproex
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Generic Name Divalproex
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Dicorate ER 125 mg

Dicorate ER 125 mg is used for controlling the symptoms of various kinds of epileptic seizures and migraine headache. The medicine was discovered in 1881, and it is on the WHO list of important medicines that are needed for the basic health system. Divalproex Sodium is the main active ingredient present in Dicorate ER.

 What is Dicorate ER 125 mg (Divalproex Sodium) used for?

Dicorate ER  is available as extended-release tablets that are used for the treatment of seizure disorders and bipolar disorders. The drug is also used for the prevention of migraine pain in the head.

How does Dicorate ER 125 mg work?

Dicorate ER is an anticonvulsant drug that prevents the number of seizures. It works by slowing down the abnormal activeness of the nerve impulse transmission and thus prevents the number of seizures that CNS produces with the brain. It helps the brain to send relaxation signals to the body muscles.

What are the different doses of Dicorate ER?

Dicorate ER is available to order online from premiumrxdrugs.com in 125 mg strength. You can buy Dicorate ER 125 mg online at unbeatable price.

 How should Dicorate ER be taken?

Ask your physician about the correct dose of the drug. This ER tablet is prescribed as one tablet once daily. In the case of any confusion, you can ask your physician.  One should swallow the tablet as whole, do not break or crush or chew the tablets. If you crush the tablet, all the drug will be released at once and may cause side effects. The dose will be decided by the physician based on the type of condition, the age of the patient and his medical condition.

Overdose: In case you accidentally take an overdose of the drug, then immediately contact your physician in case you feel any discomfort. Use the medicines regularly and wisely to avoid an overdose of the drug.

Missed dose of Dicorate ER 125 mg

In the case of miss a dose do not panic and take the dose as soon as you remember, but if it is less 12 hours left for the dose of this drug then leave the missed dose and take the next dose at the correct time.

What are the side effects of Dicorate ER 125 mg?

Just like other normal drugs Dicorate ER too has some common side effects.  These side effects are not necessarily seen in all the people but are the common ones. Here are the common side effects:

•    Allergic reactions

•    Worsening seizures

•    Constant nausea

•    Blood pressure changes

•    Symptoms of infectivity 

•    Sadness

•    Faintness

•    Heartburn

•    Belly pain

•    Unusual weakness

•    Feeling sleepy

•    Headache

•    Gooey or stuffy nose

•    Tiredness

•    Blurred vision

•    Constipation

•    Dizziness

•    Audibility loss etc.

Do not get alarmed by the list of side effects as you may or may not have all of them. These side effects are not necessarily to occur at the same time. You may or may not have any of these side effects. In case you feel extreme discomfort, you should always visit your physician.  

What medications interact with Dicorate ER 125 mg?

Many drugs can interact with Dicorate ER to create adverse health issues. One should thus avoid these drug in combination with Divalproex Sodium:

  • Certain benzodiazepines
  • Antidepressant medications
  • Antihistamine medicines
  • Muscle relaxant drugs
  • Erectile dysfunction medicines
  • Anxiety medicines
  • Antifungals
  • Anticoagulants like Warfarin
  • Migraine headache medicines
  • Anti-malaria drugs
  • Medicines for heart attack and stroke prevention
  • Narcotic painkillers etc.

The list is not complete, ask your physician to provide you the complete list of drugs that may negatively interact with Divalproex Sodium and avoid these drugs. If you are already taking these drugs, then inform your physician about it.


The following precautions are necessary before taking Dicorate ER 125 mg:

  • People who are allergic to Dicorate ER 125 mg (Divalproex Sodium) or any other ingredients present in the drug should avoid Dicorate ER 125 mg
  • People with food allergies and those with weak immune system should consult their physician before using this drug
  • People with mental disorders should not take this drug
  • Avoid Divalproex Sodium if you have any heart/kidney or liver problem
  • Do not take this drug with other antiepileptic drugs
  • Avoid the drug if yu are trying to conceive or are pregnant
  • Avoid this drug if you are breastfeeding


  • Children should keep away from the drug and placed the drug in unreachable location for children
  • Do not stop the drug suddenly as the withdrawal symptoms are very strong
  • Do not place the drug in direct sunlight or moisture
  • Do not share your medicines with anyone who is showing the same symptoms without consulting your physician.


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