Hepcdac 60 mg

Description Daclatasvir
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Generic For Daklinza
Strength 60mg
Generic Name Daclatasvir

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Hepcdac 60 MG

Hepcdac 60 mg, a product by Cipla, is an antiviral medication specially formulated for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C viral infection, a viral infection of the liver. The active ingredient of the medicine is Daclatasvir, which is active against hepatitis C virus. The medicine is used to reduce the amount of hepatitis C virus in your body and helps the immune system to fight the infection. Hepcdac is prescribed in combination with another antiviral medicine called ribavirin to help the liver recover from this viral infection. Daclatasvir is a prescription medicine which should be used under the supervision of a health care specialist.

Clinical Uses of Hepcdac 60 mg

Hepcdac, is a generic version of the drug Daclatasvir. The antiviral agent is mainly indicated for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C viral infection in adults. It exhibits antiviral activity against genotype I and III induced hepatitis C viral infection.  The drug prevents the hepatitis C virus from multiplying in the body. It needs to be administered along with other antiviral drugs for the best results.

Dosing Instructions and Method of Administration

As mentioned above, Hepcdac may be prescribed alone or in combination with another antiviral drug. The medicine is available in the form of tablets that are administered before or after consuming food. The recommended dose for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C infection is one tablet of 60 mg taken once in a day with water. The antiviral tablets are prescribed to patients with genotype I or III HCV infection. In general, the duration of the treatment is 12 weeks. Take it daily to achieve the maximum benefits. This leaflet contains the general information associated with the use of Hepcdac 60 mg tablet. It is wise to take Daclatasvir exactly as your health care specialist says as the dose should be determined by the health care specialist based on your age, overall medical history, and current health status. You are not allowed to change the dosing pattern without first talking to your health care provider.

Side Effects of Hepcdac Tablet

In addition to its benefits, Hepcdac may cause side effects too. On using this antiviral medication, you may experience side effects such as weakness, nausea, fatigue, breakdown, diarrhea, skin rash, If the unwanted effects persist or become worse over time, take the help of your health care specialist.  This is not the completes list of side effects, if you notice any other unwanted effect associated with the use of Daclatasvir, contact your health care provider.

Before using this antiviral drug, be sure to tell your health care specialist if you are allergic to Daclatasvir, you are taking any other medication including prescription, non-prescription, vitamins, and supplements, you have heart, liver, or kidney disorders, or you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. If you are a nursing mother, please consult your health care specialist before consuming the drug because it is unknown if the medicine passes into the breast milk.

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