Intalith CR - 450 mg

Description Intalith CR - 450 mg
SKU 622
Generic For Eskalith
Strength 450 mg
Generic Name Lithium Carbonate
Manufacturer Pentacare
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Intalith CR is formulated for the treatment and prevention of episodes of mania in people with bipolar disorder. It effectively treats people with bipolar disorder and other mental disorders such as aggressive behaviour, hyperactivity, insomniac tendencies, poor cognitive skills. Intalith contains the active ingredient Lithium carbonate, which acts by suppressing the abnormal activity of the nerve cells in the brain.

Clinical Uses Of Intalith CR

Intalith is a prescription medicine for patients with mania, which is a mood disorder characterized by hyperactivity, and extreme enthusiasm. It effectively treats the symptoms of bipolar disorder which includes hyperactivity and tiredness. Mood changes with alternating periods of happiness and depression are the commonly reported use of lithium carbonate tablets. Please do not use this medicine without consulting first with your health care specialist.

Dosing Instructions

The dosage for Intalith CR will be determined by your health care specialist based on various factors including overall health, the seriousness of your condition, age, and gender. It takes around three months before you saw an improvement in your condition. The duration of the treatment is based more on your condition and response to the treatment. The medicine is usually taken after food but considers your health care specialists advised on how to take the medication. It is wise to discuss with your health care provider about how long you need to use Lithium carbonate tablets. You cannot stop the medicine immediately because of rebound effects, Consider the recommendations provided by your health care provider that

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