Iotim 0.5% - 5 ml


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Generic For Timoptic
Strength 5 ml
Generic Name Timolol
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Iotim 0.5% - 5 ml

Iotim 0.5% is an ophthalmic formulation used to treat increased pressure within the eyeball, the condition is also called as intraocular pressure. It is extremely beneficial for people with open-angle glaucoma, a condition that may affect the vision and treats other causes of high pressure inside the eye. The eye drops contain the active ingredient Timolol which belongs to the class of drugs known as beta blockers. Timolol is administered to reduce the intraocular pressure within the eye. lowering eye pressure reduces the risk of optic nerve damage and loss of vision in glaucoma patients.

Clinical Uses Of Iotim 0.5% Ml

Iotim is indicated for the reduction of elevated intraocular pressure in conditions such as ocular hypertension, open-angle glaucoma, and some cases of secondary glaucoma.

Dosing Instructions

The dosage and duration depend on the age, weight, and medical conditions of individual suffering from high intraocular pressure. Use Timolol eye drops exactly as prescribed by your health care specialist. Instill one to two drops into the eye and close your eyes for at least 8 to 10 minutes. Make sure the container tip does not touch the eye or the surrounding eye area.

Potential Side Effects

The most common side effects of Iotim eye drops include eye irritation, depression, watery eyes, inflammation of the eyelids, double vision, headache. Other severe side effects that may require immediate medication attention may include persistent eye irritation, swelling of the eye, redness of the eye, numbness or eye pain. You may develop side effects other than the list given here. Please consult your health care specialist to know more about side effects.

Drug Interactions

All drugs interact differently in every individual. you should check the list of possible drug interactions with your health care specialist before starting any new medications. inform your health care specialist especially about calcium antagonists, beta blockers, epinephrine, clonidine, and epinephrine.

Important Information

Use the ophthalmic solution exactly as your health care specialist tells you to. Do not use more or less than the prescribed amount of medicine. talk to your health care provider if you experience any unwanted effect with the use of Timolol eye drops. make sure you complete the treatment course. Do not discontinue treatment without having words with your health care specialist.

All the risks and benefits need to be discussed before using this eye drop by pregnant women or who are planning to conceive. If you are a nursing mother, then your health care specialist may prescribe you a much safer alternative based on your clinical condition. Timolol eye drops are not an option for treating patients below 18 years of age since the safety and efficacy of the drug is not clinically establish in such patients.

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