Levipil 250mg


Levipil 250 mg (levetiracetam 250 mg)

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Generic For Keppra
Strength 250mg
Generic Name Levetiracetam
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Levipil 250 MG

 Levipil 250 mg tablet is a prescription drug given for treating seizures and epilepsy condition. It contains the active substance Levitiracetam, which is effective.ly treats seizure disorders in adults and children. The anticonvulsant agent controls the frequency of seizures in patients. To achieve the best resultstake the medicine regularly at the same time. Levipil can be taken alone or along with other drugs as well. The medicine prevents seizure as long a patient continues the treatment.

Clinical uses of Levipil 250 mg

Levipil 250 mg tablet suppresses nerve cells and controls the abnormal brain electrical activity that causes seizures. Levipil can be combined with other medicines for treating partial-onset, tonic-clonic, and myoclonic seizures in epileptic patients. During a seizure, Levipil 250 mg tablet effectively decreases the abnormal brain activity. Levipil 250 mg is available in the form of tablet.

Dosing Information

The dosage depends on a medical condition and how a patient responds to treatment. As stated above, it is a prescription-based drug and a physician decides the dosage and the treatment duration. In children, the bodyweight is measured before starting the treatment of Levipil 250 mg tablet. A patient may be prescribed for a low dose first at the beginning of the treatment and the physician may gradually increase the dose once a patient's body start showing some improvement.

The patient is required to take the medicine on a daily basis as per his physician's advice to achieve the best results. Levipil 250 mg can be taken with or without food. Also, make sure that the patient should not overdose or continue the treatment longer than it is prescribed. To avoid health complications, do not stop taking Levipil 250 mg tablet abruptly. To stop the medicine, gradually decreased the dose

Warnings and Precautions

Few medical conditions may interact with Levipil 250 mg tablet. Consult your physician if you are pregnant or planning to be or you are a breastfeeding mom. Kidney pateints are required to undergo dialysis before starting the treatment, inform your physicina about other medicines that you may taking. Also, do mention to him if have any allergies.

Levipil 250 mg tablet has a tendency to make a patient feel drowsy in the initial phase of treatment, to avoid the hassles, the patient should refrain himself from alerting activities like driving or swimming. Limiting alcohol and smoking consumption during treatment is also needed.

Side Effects of Levipil 250 mg Tablet

The reported side effect of a Levipil table are: A headache, feeling tiredness, dizziness, weakness or drowsiness, loss of appetite, sleepiness. These symptoms may occur for a few weeks when you start the treatment and go away it's own or lessens when your body will use to the medicine.Consult your physician if you experience any serious side effects like fever, skin rashes, hives, agressive or abnormal behaviour, swelling on the lips, or sudden seizures, etc.

Levipil 250 mg tablet may cause a liver problem in some cases, limit alcohol consumption during this medication. Consult a physician when you experience any other side effect that is may not be listed here.

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