Liofen 25mg

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Generic For Lioresal
Strength 25mg
Generic Name Baclofen
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Liofen 25 mg (Baclofen)

Liofen 25mg contains active ingredient Baclofen. This medication helps to relax the muscles and reduces pain as well to improve muscle movement. As ingredient of this drug baclofen belongs to medication group called antispastic. This drug can also be used to treat muscle symptoms like stiffness, pain and spasms caused by multiple sclerosis and other spinal cord diseases or injuries. 

Liofen 25 mg general information  

What is Liofen 25 mg used for?

Liofen 25mg belongs to class of drugs called muscle relaxants. It is an analogue of GABA (gamma-amino butyric acid) and a natural mediator involved in obstruction of nerve impulses in the CNS (Central Nervous System). The chemical compound baclofen is chief ingredient in Liofen 25mg.

How does Liofen 25 mg work?

Liofen 25mg works by bloodstream and reaches the spinal cord then its GABA receptors. At that point it inhibits specific reflex reactions that can obstruct the proper transmission of excitation along the endings of nerve. This result in reduction in residual muscle tension, reduction of single twitch muscles, decrease pain and normalization of movement in the spine. This medication also helps to normalize sleep and work the pelvic organs, if the problem persists due to diseases of the spine.

Where to buy Liofen 25 mg online?

Liofen can be purchased online at an absolute lowest price on in 25mg strength.

What does Liofen 25 mg contain?

Liofen 25 mg contains main ingredients Baclofen.

What are the side effects of Liofen 25 mg?

Liofen 25 mg have few side effects as like other medications and side effects occur if taken high doses.


The most commonly side effects when taking Liofen 25 mg are:

More need to pass urine

Sleeping problem

Stomach problems

Feeling of Weakness





 Call your physician or take immediate medical help if any of these above mentioned symptoms persist longer.

This is not the list of all possible side effects. You may or may not experience all of them. In case you experience any other side effects other than these mentioned in the please inform your physician.

What medications interact with Liofen 25 mg?

Always, consult your physician, if you are taking any other medicine, including any that you buy without a prescription from the nearest medical store.  Physician will provide you list of drugs to avoid that can have possible interaction with Liofen 25 mg.

When should Liofen 25 mg not be used?

Liofen 25 mg should not be used in patients with known hypersensitivity to Baclofen and other components present in the formulation.

How should Liofen 25 mg be used?

Depending on the condition your physician will decide the suitable dose. Therefore, it is important to follow your physician’s instructions for better results.

How long should you take Liofen 25 mg?

You should continue taking Liofen 25 mg till the physician advises you to do so. Do not stop taking medicine on your own without consulting your physician.

Missed dose of Liofen 25 mg

If you have missed a dose of Liofen 25 mg take it as soon as you remember. If it is time to take the next dose is near, please skip the missed dose and take your upcoming dose as prescribed by your physician. Avoid intake of two doses at the same time to compensate the missed dose.

How long Liofen 25 mg be stored?

Keep the Liofen 25 mg out of reach of children and pets

Do not store near heat or open flame

Keep far from direct light at a room temperature





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