Loparin 40 mg/ 0.4ml

Description Loparin Enoxaparin Sodium
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Generic For Lovenox
Strength 40 mg/ 0.4ml
Generic Name Enoxaparin Sodium Injection

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Loparin - 40 mg/ 0.4ml

Loparin is an injectable drug used to treat and prevent blood clots. It may be prescribed to treat blood clots in the legs and may also prevent the formation of blood clots in the brain and heart. It comprises of the active ingredient Enoxaparin sodium, which reduces the risk of stroke or heart attack by keeping the flow of blood smooth, lowering the activity of clotting proteins in the bloodstream. The drug is an anticoagulant, also known as a blood thinner. Lovenox is the generic of Enoxaparin. The injection is used in combination with warfarin (a blood thinner) to treat certain blood clotting disorders.  The patients who are using this injection should inform his/her health care specialist if having bleeding problems and must aware of all the side effects associated with the medicine. This is possible when it is taken under the supervision of a health care specialist. You are more likely to get a blood clot if you have undergone, knee or hip replacement, have a heart attack, unstable angina or chest pain. Be sure to use it under the supervision of a health care specialist. Your health care provider will suggest the best dose according to your condition.

Clinical Uses of Loparin-40 mg/0.6%

Loparin is a pre-filled syringe unit for subcutaneous or intravascular administration. It contains Enoxaparin as the active ingredient which prevents and treat harmful blood clots form in the blood vessels of the legs. It can also be prescribed to people who develop blood clots in the arteries of the heart during angina and heart attacks. The injection can also be sued several days after hip or knee replacement and sometimes times after an abdominal surgery because this is the time when people are unlikely to walk and more likely to get a clot.

Side Effects

Side effects such as pain, mild irritation, swelling and redness at the injection site may occur. Fever and fatigue are also commonly reported. You must inform of your health care expert if any of these troubles you or persist for a long time.

However, your health care provider will prescribe this medication after judging that the benefits are higher than the risks of side effects. Reports suggest that many people who used the injection did not experience any side effects.

Loparin drug may cause you to bleed when it affects your clotting proteins too much. In that case, please speak to your health care provider and tell him the signs of bleeding including swelling, discomfort, dark urine, black stools, unusual bruising, vision changes, weakness, numbness, etc.


Before using Enoxaparin injection, alert your health care specialist if you have any allergies, tell him/her especially if you are allergic to Enoxaparin. This product contains inactive ingredients, which may be allergic too so, it is essential to talk to your health care provider before using it.

You must inform your health care provider about your medical history especially of kidney disease, liver problems, blood disorders, severe active bleeding, low platelet, stroke, high blood pressure, stomach problems, eye problems, and spine problems.

It is advisable to limit alcohol consumption because, with Enoxaparin, there is a risk of stomach bleeding.

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