Mederma Gel

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Generic For Mederma Gel
Strength 20 gm tube
Generic Name Allium Copaextract Allantoin
Manufacturer G S Pharmbutor Private Limited.
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Mederma Gel

Mederma Gel is one of the most popular names in the scar removal market. It is clinically certified for its effectiveness and safety. Mederma Gel contains Allium Copaextract Allantoin as the active ingredient, which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is specially formulated to treat acne scars and surgery scars. The formulation is also effective in improving the appearance of stretch marks. The regular use of the Gel will make your scars less noticeable by decreasing the size of your scars and fading the dark color. It works to reduce the skin imperfections and make an individual more confident about his/her own outer appearance.

What is Mederma Gel used for?

Mederma Gel is useful in treating acne scars. It can also be used by people with surgery scars and stretch marks. It is effective for both the old or new scars. Note that if you are applying the Gel on a surgery scar, then apply it only if the wound is healed or stitches have been removed otherwise the topical formulation would not work.

How does Mederma Gel work?

Mederma Gel work by reducing skin redness and makes the scar smaller, lighter in color, and less noticeable. It supports the healing process. The active ingredient of the topical solution is Allium Cepa bulb, which is a good source of antioxidants, helps in healing scars. It is also helpful in removing dead skin cells and encourage new skin cell formation.

What does Mederma Gel contain?

Mederma Gel comprises of Allium Copaextract Allantoin, which exerts its antioxidant properties to help heal a scar.

What are the side effects of Mederma Gel?

Mederma formulation can rarely cause side effects like skin irritation, swelling, or itching of the skin. If you experience any of these dermatological issues and if they troubles you, contact a dermatologist.

What are the interactions of Mederma Gel?

Like other topical formulations, Mederma Gel can also affect the mode of action of other medicines. Therefore, it is necessary that you inform your dermatologist about all the topical agents and oral medications that you are using. Your dermatologist will tell you if any of them can affect the working of your anti-scar preparation.  

How should Mederma Gel be used?

The Gel can be applied on to the skin three to four times a day. Apply it gently only on the scars, rub it well so that it can absorb by the skin. Apply it daily to get the best results. Make sure that you apply the preparation only on closed wounds. Spread the Gel evenly on the scar and rub it properly into the middle of the scar. If you have any doubt about the usage of the topical medication, contact with your dermatologist and take the advice.

When should Mederma Gel not be used?

Do not use the Gel if you develop any allergic reaction that causes a serious problem. In such case, discontinue the drug and contact your dermatologist.

How long should Mederma Gel be used?

Continue using Mederma Gel 20 g for as long as your dermatologist tells you. If you follow the instructions of your dermatologist, the medicine should start working in a couple of days. The length of the treatment varies from patient to patient.

Missed dose of Mederma Gel

Try not to miss applying your anti-scar Gel as this may delay the process of healing of your scar.

How should Mederma Gel be stored?

  • Keep the tube at room temperature
  • Keep your topical preparation in the place where children cannot reach it
  • Do not store the Gel in the bathroom, near a sink, or on a window sill


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