Mirago 50 mg


Mirabegron Extended Release Tablets

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Strength 50mg
Generic Name Mirabegron
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Mirago 50 mg

Mirago 50 mg is a medication prescribed for the treatment of overactive bladder (OAB). It helps to ease symptoms of this chronic condition which includes urinary urgency (a strong need to urinate), incontinence, urinary frequency (urinating often), and leakage (accidental urination due to sudden urge). Frequent visits to the toilet can significantly impair daily life. People with irritable bladder must get up at midnight and can hardly sleep throughout the night. Miragao contains the active ingredient mirabegron, which aims to relax the muscles of the bladder and relieve the urge to urinate. The medicines come as an extended-release tablet made for oral administration. It may be prescribed alone or in combination with another drug called solifenacin to treat the symptoms of overactive bladder.

Uses of Mirago 50 mg

Mirago has been approved for the treatment of adults with overactive bladder. People with Overactive bladder have an increased urge to urinate, which can hard to control or not control at all. The active ingredient of the medicine is mirabegron, which works by relaxing that surrounds the bladder, reducing your symptoms of overactive bladder. The medicine is also effective at lowering your bladder’s ability to store urine.

Side Effects of Mirago 50 mg

The more common side effects that can occur with Mirago 50 mg include urinary tract infections, headache, high blood pressure, common cold symptoms such as the runny nose, sneezing or nasal congestion. If these side effects are mild, they may disappear within a few days as you adjust with the medicine. If they are severe and persist for a long time, consult your doctor to get further advice. Serious side effects of the medication include urinary retention, swelling of face, tongue, lips, or throat that make sit hard to breathe. The goal is to provide you with relevant information. Mirago 50 mg affect each person differently; no everyone can get the same side effects. This information can’t be sued ads a substitute for doctor’s advice. It is wise to discuss all the possible side effects of medicine with a doctor who is aware of your medical history as well as current condition. People with kidney and liver problem should exercise caution while taking this medicine. Taking it without the consultation of a medical expert can be fatal.

Drug Interactions

Mirago oral tablet can interact with another prescription drug, herbal supplement or vitamins that you may be taking.  Drug interaction is when an active ingredient changes the way a drug works to improve a certain medical condition. This can be preventing the drug from working well to treat the condition and can be harmful at the same time. To help avoid interaction, it is extremely important to tell your doctor about all the medication you have been using so that he can manage them carefully. To find out if your other prescription drug or herbal supplement can interact with Mirabegron, talk to your doctor. Especially avoid these medicines- Heart medications, antipsychotic drugs, a blood thinner. Also, don’t take Mirago 50 mg if you are allergic to its active ingredient mirabegron.

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