Naltima 50 mg

Description Naltrexone 50 mg
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Generic For Revia
Strength 50 mg
Generic Name Naltrexone Hcl
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Naltima 50 mg(Naltrexone Hcl)

Naltima 50 mg is proposed as a treatment option to reduce alcohol use by reducing the pleasure of drinking. It might be a potential treatment approach for maintaining abstinence by reducing craving induced by environmental stimuli. The active ingredient of the medicine is naltrexone, which is useful in reducing the number of drinks per day. It can help people drink less or even stop drinking altogether. Your health care professional may also prescribe oral Naltima for the management of opioid addictions. By blocking the action of opioids, this medicine reduces cravings caused by opioid drugs. It triggers withdrawal symptoms if you are dependent on opioids. The medication should be implemented as a part of a complete treatment program which includes lifestyle changes, counselling, behavioural therapy and other treatments recommended by the healthcare specialists. Recovery from addiction requires time and patience as it’s not a quick process. With the help of this medicine along with other treatment options, one can get rid of drug abuse.

Uses of Naltima

Naltima 50 mg is used in the management of alcohol and opioid dependence. The active ingredient Naltrexone falls into the category of drugs known as opiate antagonists, which is known to block the action of opioid medications. Naltrexone helps stabilise people lives by reducing the harm related to drug abuse. It is usually prescribed with counselling, social support, and behavioural therapy to help abstain from drinking alcoholic drinks. The medicine is not recommended for patients less than 18 years of age. The dose and duration of the treatment depend on each person’s needs and situation.

Dosing information

Before you start the treatment with naltrexone 50 mg, you must not have used any opiates for at least 7 to 8 days. Your health care provider can perform a test to establish whether you are clear of these drugs before you switch to Naltima. The recommended dose for alcoholism is one 50 mg tablet daily for up to twelve weeks. For opioid dependence, a patient may ask to take 50 mg once daily, if no withdrawal signs occur. Note that after taking this medicine, your body will be more sensitive to opioids. Taking the same amount later in the future could lead to overdose or death. Follow the treatment as per your health care professional’s recommendations.

Common side effects of Naltima 50 mg

People using Naltima 50 mg may experience side effects, but they should not discontinue the treatment. Instead, they should have words with their health care specialist and discuss the dose adjustments and alternative therapies. Blurred vision, change in thinking and sleepiness are the common side effects of Naltrexone. Do not drive or do other tasks that require alertness until you see how this medicine affects you. Other commonly reported side effect include headache, diarrhoea, joint or muscle pain, nervousness, upset stomach, tiredness, and sleep issues. Seek immediate medical care if you have a liver injury or pneumonia.

Drug interactions

Please tell your health care specialist, if you are using any other medicines, including prescription drugs, and herbal products. Your health care provider may wish to alter your dose, if you are consuming, Hydrocodone, Dextromethorphan, Buprenorphine, Diphenoxylate, Butorphanol, Amprenavir, Codeine, Disulfiram, Oxymorphone, Cough syrups etc. Consult a health care specialist to get the full list of drug interactions.

These drugs may be affecting the way Naltrexone works to relieve alcohol and drug abuse. You may need a different number of medications for a different time frame, or you may need to take various drugs depending on your condition. Therefore, it is always an excellent decision to first consult a health care specialist before taking any pharmaceutical medication.

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