Norvasc 10mg


Amlodipine falls into the category of drugs known as calcium channel blockers. It is used alone or with other pharmaceutical agents to manage hypertension, angina pectoris, and vasospastic angina.

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Generic Name Amlodipin
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Norvasc 10 mg

Norvasc is the most effective treatment for hypertension as a type of chest pain called angina. It is composed of calcium channel blockers, which are extremely beneficial in relieving heart problems by widening blood vessels to allow more blood to flow through. This is useful in reducing blood pressure and relieving the strain on the heart muscles. 

The medication starts working within a few hours of ingesting it, but its full effect can be seen after a few weeks of regular intake. You may check whether its working or not by measuring your blood pressure regularly. The 10 mg tablets are not suitable for providing immediate relief of chest pain from angina.

Norvasc general information

What is Norvasc used for?

Norvasc helps in the treatment of high blood pressure (hypertension) and angina pectoris, including the rare form known as Peinzmetal’s angina. The condition causes pain or discomfort in the chest that kept on coming back when your heart does not get enough blood. The condition generally feels like a pressure or squeezing pain in the chest under the breastbone. Some people may feel it in their neck, shoulder, arm, jaws, or even back. Norvasc is capable of relieving this pain.

The medicine is not effective in providing instant relief from angina; it takes time to exert its mode of action.

How does Norvasc work?

Norvasc has Amlodipine as the active ingredient which works to dilate the blood vessels. The dilation of blood vessel lets the flow of blood more easily which in turn lower the blood pressure levels in your body. The pharmaceutical medication that lowers blood pressure will automatically reduce the risk of having a stroke or heart attack.

Where to buy Norvasc online?

Norvasc is available with a prescription on Here, you can securely pay online and have your gout medication delivered right to your doorstep. Buy Norvasc 10 mg online at an absolute lowest rate.

What does Norvasc contain?

Norvasc contains Amlodipine as the main component. The pharmaceutical agent actively lowers blood pressure and reduces chest pain. Each tablet delivers 10 mg of the beneficial ingredient.

What are the side effects of Norvasc?

Norvasc 10 mg tablets can cause any one or more of the following side effects. Most common side effects associated with the use of this anti-hypertensive agents are mild to moderate:

  • Tiredness
  • Extreme sleepiness
  • Flushing
  • Heart palpitations (very fast heart rate)
  • Stomach pain
  • Swelling of your legs or ankles
  • Nausea
  • Arrhythmias (irregular heartbeat)
  • Dizziness

In rare cases, a person taking Norvasc may have a heart attack or his/her angina may get worse. If this happens, go to directly to a hospital emergency room. Otherwise, let your healthcare specialist know about if you are concerned about any of the side effects you experience during the treatment. These are not all the side effects of Amlodipine, you might experience any other side effect as well, consider discussing with a healthcare specialist in that case too.

What medications interact with Norvasc?

Co-administration of Norvasc and simvastatin may decrease the effectiveness of Amlodipine. Close observation of patients is required when this medication is used along with clarithromycin. Amlodipine taken in combination with tacrolimus can increase tacrolimus in the bloodstream.

How should Norvasc be used?

Norvasc is used once daily in the morning. But it is possible that your health care provider may have recommended a different dosing schedule to you. The tablet can be consumed with or without food along with a glass full of water. Consider taking it regularly to maintain its beneficial effects which include, preventing heart attacks, renal disorder, and stroke. If you stop the treatment without discussing with the health care provider, you may not feel anything, but the beneficial effects will be lost.

When should Norvasc not be used?

Do not Norvasc or Amlodipine tablets if you have ever had an allergic reaction to ingredients present in the preparation. One can know about the ingredients by reading the leaflet that comes along with the medication.

The medicine is not recommended to use in children as there have been no studies that can prove the efficacy and safety of the product.

How long should Norvasc be used?

You must take the anti-hypertensive agent every day without missing any dose. Continue taking it for as long as your healthcare provider tells you.

Missed dose of Norvasc

If you miss a dose of Norvasc medicine and it is less than 12 hours from when you should consume it, take it right away with a glass of water then continues with the normal dosing schedule the next day. Otherwise, leave the missed dose that day and make sure to take the next day’s dose on time.

How should Norvasc be stored?

The medication does not require any special storage condition but makes sure that you keep it away from the sight of children and away from water.

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