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Order Online

1. Select the product from Brand, Generic or you can search the product by clicking on "Search" option.
2. Select the product.
3. Click on the 'My Cart' link to view products in your cart and click ‘Continue Shopping’ to add more products in your cart. Update the quantity by select 'Dropdownbox' .
4. Once the product is selected, click Proceed to Checkout button. This will open the 'Checkout' page. Here you can register as a new customer (by filling up your e-mail address) or login as an existing customer, if you already have an account with us. You can also checkout as a guest.
5. Fill your personal information.
6. At the bottom of the same page, you will see all the payment options and you can choose any of them as per your convenience and make the payment.
7. Submit details for reminder of order or skip this step
8. Click on "Place Order" button to place your order
9. Prescriptions can be submitted by fax at + 1 (760) 284 - 5903 or through e-mail at as an attachment.
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