Penegra - 50mg

Description Sildenafil
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Strength 50mg
Generic Name Sildenafil Citrate
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Penegra 50 mg

Penegra 50 mg improves satisfaction and quality of sexual life of treated men. The medicine is well tolerable with a favourable safety profile. Sildenafil citrate is the active ingredient present in the drug which has beneficial effects in erectile disorders. Penegra is equivalent to generic Viagra. It has been clinically tested and approved for treating men with erectile dysfunction or ED, who are unable to achieve and sustain an erection for intercourse. It corrects ED associated with age, stress, and other factors. The management of ED includes prescription of first-line treatment options like Sildenafil citrate. The drug was the first available PDE5 inhibitor that revolutionized the ED treatment. Studies suggest that around 30 million men are treated across the world with this ED drug. The medicine is believed to relax the unstriped muscles of the penis and intensifies the activity of nitric oxide (NO), which results in increased elasticity of men’s muscle tissue. This, in turn, enhances the flow of blood towards the penis, making the reproductive organ stiffer and fully erect for satisfactory sexual intercourse. Patients are instructed to take Penegra one hour before indulging in a sexual act with a maximum dose frequency of once daily. Sexual stimulation is essential for the medicine to work. A user may be able to engage in sexual intercourse from 4 to 5 hours after taking a dose, and the effects begin within 15 to 30 minutes of taking the pill, depending from person to person. Food high in calorie results in reduced and prolonged absorption. Studies show no impact on the absorption of regular doses of Penegra in Alcohol users, but it always the right choice to drink in moderation.

Clinical Uses of Penegra 50 mg

Penegra is a high-quality medicine prescribe to men with ED. A single dose helps to eliminate the symptoms of erectile disorder and impotence. The medicine is effective for erection problems caused by both psychological, physiological factors. The active ingredient of the medicine is Sildenafil, which restores the erectile function in men with age-related changes, pelvic organ diseases, or stress.

Dosing Instructions

It is necessary to take medicine once daily, preferably an hour before intimacy. It is recommended to take the pill with plenty of water. The medicine should not be taken before or after a high fatty meal, prefer introducing a gap of at least an or two between meals.  If penegra 50 mg is insufficient to induce an erection, then the dose can be increased to the maximum level of 100 mg. Your doctor will help determine the right dose according to condition. It is always best to take it under the guidance of a doctor.

Precautions to be taken while taking Penegra 50 mg

The ED drug has several side effects that should be checked before treatment. Firstly, the medicine is contraindicative in case of individual intolerance to its active component Sildenafil. Penegra 50 mg should not be used by children and adolescents of the age 14 to 18. Any of the PDE5 inhibitor, including Sildenafil, is not suitable to stimulate female libido. Do not take medicine if you have heart problems, nervous system disorders, ulcer of the stomach, or deformities in the penis.

Penegra Side Effects

The side effects of the medicine are more common in case of uncontrolled use of the medicine or in case of the increased sensitivity to the active substance Sildenafil. Penegra 50 mg can cause stuffiness in nose, nausea, shivering attacks, visual problems, dizziness, backache, headache, or diarrhoea. Also remember, the drug is not compatible with the use of antidepressants. Consult a doctor, In case of any doubt about the use of Penegra 50 mg.

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