Refunds and Returns

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PremiumRxDrugs has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Your complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

If for some reason your order is not fulfilled or delivered at right time, or you received a damaged product may be damaged in transit. You can contact our team immediately and we will ship you another package or will refund your full amount. You can let us know in case your order does not show up or you get any different item shipped by, as long as it meets the following state of affairs:

  • The item should be returned within the 30 days of the receipt.
  • We do not return the opened or used product, unless the particular product is damaged during transit.

If these mentioned conditions fulfilled we will refund your full amount in case if you will asked for the refund.


Some important points to be noticed:

  • We take at least 30 business days to deliver your order. We kindly ask you to allow 30 business days to deliver your order from the day when you have placed the order for shipment or any refunds or returns. If after 30 days, you have not received the order, or if you received any notification that your order was on hold or returned to sender, please send us a ticket (contact us) and we act on your request promptly.
  • If you will receive a partial or an incomplete order, in this case we will refund your amount and then charged you only for those products that you have received.

Damaged, Defective, or Incorrect Items:

  • We try our best and make the best possible efforts to reach our customers with our best services possible. If you are not satisfied with our product due to any reason or if there is any problem with our product, you can contact with our customer care through our website only. We request you to write a brief and detailed note, regarding the problem that you are facing with our product. You must include the order number, the name of the affected products, and also mention in a note whether you prefer refund or a replacement. A Customer Care Specialist will respond to you as quickly as possible.
  • Please do not discard any items unless you have been directed to do so by our Customer Support.

Return Shipping and Processing:

You need to pack your incomplete or broken order in the same packet in which it has arrived to you. You can get more details on this by our customer care support.

Once we receive your return, we will refund or issue a credit within 30 business days and we will also send you the email confirmation of the same. It can take several days for the transaction to appear on your account, therefore be patience.


This website has a 100 % satisfaction guarantee. If for some reason you are not satisfied with our product you can contact us within 45 days of receiving the product. Queries receiving after 45 days will not be entertained.

We appreciate your kind understanding in this matter.

Please Note:

If you have any queries regarding your transaction, please contact us by sending a mail (or ticket from the Support Section) or call us at +1(646) 681- 4901.

You can send the returns to:


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