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Guidelines for Reviewers 

Reviewing is an important contribution you make to help others. Taking out the time to writing down your feedback on the product or service you received is commendable. People take the idea from your useful review to select and buy the best most of the time; not only people but we (as a website) also get the chance to know our buyers better, and accordingly, we put our best to comfort them whenever they visit our website. Writing a review implies basic rules; this page will help you understand the guidelines for the same.

Eligibility to write a review

A buyer reserves all the right to write a review who recently purchased any product from our website. A review develops a reliability bond amongst buyers and shows a continuous improvement path to the website. Your voice through a review mode reflects your dedication and responsibilities towards humanity. A buyer can write about his/her experience and rate the product accordingly; it could be good or bad. You are free to give your feedback on how you felt about the product or service. A wise reviewer writes his/her experience so that everyone can get benefited from it (i.e. buyer, viewers, and website). Customers honest reviews that provide the correct details and information on products and services considered truly valuable.

Write a real review

A real review attracts all the attention in comparison to fake, artificial or promotional stuff. In most cases, a word or a one-line review speaks everything, so it is always best to write a quality review instead of a lengthy one. We are not opposed to lengthy reviews; it is just that people usually prefer reading concise content instead of a long story. Your review should not be biased, targeting or favouring particular stuff unrealistically; it should be purely based on facts and actuality.

Documents needed to verify your review

Any document that reflects and support your actual purchasing or availing service experience will work. Document holding gives other buyers a sense of reliability to consider you as an eligible and genuine reviewer. When we say any document, it includes your order confirmation, e-invoice/receipts, shipping or delivery notes, the screenshot of your email communication, phone call or text messages history etc.

Basic rules to follow

Rules are important to keep things aligned. Freedom of speech gives an equal right to everyone to express their thoughts. Here implying a rule sets a limitation and line between appropriate and inappropriate.

Online review is viewable to all; therefore, one should opt for decent words to express his/her experience, whether good or bad. You can leave your decent feedback, comments and let readers to draw their own conclusion.

Defamatory Statement

Defamatory review, statement etc., should be avoided as it can defeat the purpose of a review. Law also considers a defamatory statement illegal as it can provoke individuals negatively for no good reason. Being a responsive website, we intend to maintain a balance between our consumers and suppliers. A reviewer should not write words that potentially harm the reputation of a website or causes any financial loss, or misguide fellow buyers and viewers. We encourage you to share wise feedback about the product or service you have experienced from our website.

Promotional strategy is not allowed

The review platform of our website is a trusted place; it gives a clear insight about products and services to all the viewers and buyers. We put our best to keep our platform a fair and trusted place for the consumer to provide accurate info. It is important to eliminate any promotional stuff to maintain the website decorum. We don’t encourage any endorsement, marketing, promotional write-ups/images on our website as it defeats the purpose of genuine and authentic reviews.

Keep your data secure

To keep your details secure, you need to make sure to keep your mobile/computer system password/impression savvy so that nobody can use your gadgets in your absence. Your confidential information (like the name; user-id; phone number, email; contact address or anything else that can be tracked by someone else if your gadgets are not locked and secured) is important; keeping that safe is your responsibility to let not others misuse it.

Personal Details in the Review

It is important to check that you are not adding your info in your review, like phone number, email id, or any chat id. Doing this can drag you into unnecessary hassle. PremiumRx encourages all buyers to write a review to share their experience with others but not at the stake of your safety and privacy.

Creating a User Account

Creating a user account is necessary when you want to write a review. With the help of your account, you will be able to get all notifications, updates, and access to write a review. Buyers at any point in time can add, edit or delete their review at any time. Your review/s will be still live even if you delete your account for any reason.

Changes in the Review

A user has all the ground to change his review at any point in time. PremiumRx believes in easiness for the benefit of all. On our platform, any buyer can edit or delete his review according to his likes and dislikes.

Breach of Guidelines

Users can report a review/s that may breach the above-given guidelines. Buyers are expected to follow defined Review Guidelines to maintain the decorum of the online platform. If any buyer finds breaking rule will invite to hide/delete his review or user account permanently. The website software will also catch if you attempt any unfair activity or using the abusive or wrong language to misguide other fellow buyers, suppliers or viewers. We don’t believe in keeping fake, provoking and promotional stuff, and the same will be deleted without any prior information if found.

The Final Say

Write your good/bad experience, share your stories to help others in taking the right decision. Keep the review guideline in mind to avoid any technical glitches. Thank you for your love, support, cooperation, and understanding of the guidelines. Keep enjoying the benefits of online shopping and Stay Safe, Healthy and Happy!!.

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