Revize Cream .02%

Description Tretinoin .02%
SKU 2270
Generic For Revize
Strength 0.02% (20gm)
Generic Name Tretinoin
Manufacturer Glenmark

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Revize 20 mg

Over the long term, Revize 20 mg is an effective treatment approach for acne. It contains tretinoin, a topical retinoid which is highly beneficial at reducing the formation of acne and improving facial skin. It is a quick solution for clearing up active breakouts; highly recommended for moderate to ever acne blemishes on your skin. A retinoid is a form of vitamin A, which stimulate improves skin cell turnover number, means damaged skin cells are cleared off your skin more quickly and replaced by new skin cells to the skin’s surface. This rapid cell turnover allows your skin pores to open, releasing the trapped bacteria and excessive oil that is responsible for causing acne. A tretinoin preparation helps to regulate skin oil production, also known as sebum, which prevents future breakouts. The topical preparation is known to have anti-inflammatory properties, that helps to reduce redness and swelling associated with acne.

The medication has been studied extensively for its effects on the visible signs of ageing. It has been demonstrated for its long-term effects on the appearances fine lines, age spots, wrinkles. In the clinical trials, tretinoin has been shown to cause a significant reduction in the appearance of wrinkles. Revize can also be used to decrease the appearance of scarring. Since the topical retinoid is known to speed up skin cell turnover, it can encourage the growth of fresh new cells at the site of acne scarring.

Usage information

Revize can aggravate acne during the initial days of the treatment, but in a new week, you will be able to visible improvement in the appearance of acne. However, it will not work for everyone. You should not use it if you have broken or injured skin. Pregnant women should first consult their health care specialist before purchasing a tretinoin formulation. Avoid contact with eyes, nostrils, and mouth. It may take several weeks to months to improve your symptoms; you just need to be persistent with the use of this retinoid product. Consult your dermatologist straight away if you do not notice any improvement in the appearance of your zits and age spots. Also, using more medication will not heal your acne faster.  Generally, your dermatologist will decide the duration of the treatment depending on the severity of your acne.


Revize 20 mg cream is an effective long-term solution for acne. However, be careful while applying this anti-acne solution as the medicine may make you more sensitive to sunlight. So, it is best to limit exposure to the sun if possible. Use a good quality sunscreen and wear protective clothing when eve you walk out in the sun. Users are advised to have any hair removal technique or laser treatments during acne treatment. It is safe to use a tretinoin preparation when advised by a dermatologist. However, like all medicines, this cream may also cause unwanted effects. But you can avoid side effects by using it carefully and achieve the best results. Please speak to your dermatologist if you develop any unwanted effects associated with its use.

Side effects of Revize 20 mg

Like other anti-acne medications, Revize cream can cause unwanted effects. Generally, tretinoin medication is safe and effective when it comes to reducing pimples and stubborn marks. But still, some users may experience minor skin irritations that usually disappear after some time. The most common issues with Revize include stinging sensation, which you can feel directly after Tretinoin’s application.  This is often accompanied by skin redness, itchiness, dryness, and mild peeling of the skin. Initially, the topical treatment may make your acne worse, but very soon you will find, they get better. The condition is temporary and goes away as you adjust to the medicine. Most of these mild side effects resolve on its own while mother requires a quick fix. By using a good quality moisturizer, you can cure the dryness. Rarely, it causes severe side effects such as rashes, breathing difficulty, severe itching, swelling, and dizziness. 

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