Rivamer 3mg


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Generic For Exelon
Strength 3 mg
Generic Name Rivastigmine
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Rivamer 3mg

Rivamer 3mg medicine is prescribed for treating mild to moderate levels of dementia of Alzheimer disease. It is a progressive illness that gradually affects thinking patterns and memory strength. Doctors also suggest this medicine for treating dementia-associated illnesses like Parkinson’s. The medicine does not cure the illness but helps in improving alertness, awareness, and memory.

Find more on how this drug works treating Dementia in Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer disease occurs when certain nerve cells in the brain stop working. This makes a chemical (acetylcholine) lower, and inefficient cells send communication/signals to each other. Dementia leads to loss of memory, alertness, disorientation, confusion, facing challenges in speech and language. Rivamer drug improves brain cells to communicate and make patient capable enough to address and recall things easily over the period

For treating Dementia associated with Parkinson's disease

Dementia in Parkinson's make a person unable to think and memorize things properly, and as a result, it affects the quality of life and daily activity of a patient. Rivamer 3 capsule works to control these symptoms in an easy way to deliver desired results. The medicine makes a patient efficient to carry his/her routine life effectively.

 How to use

Follow the regimen suggested by your doctor to get the best from Rivamer 3 mg capsule. The dosage and treatment duration could vary according to a patients’ condition. Rivamer should be taken preferably with food before going to bed. The medicine may take few days to weeks to improve symptoms; therefore, it is important to take medicine regularly and avoid missing the dose. Do not stop taking this medicine without consulting a doctor, even if you start feeling improvement.  


Inform your doctor about all the medicine or supplements you may take if he prescribes Rivamer 3 mg, especially if you have or faced issues like epilepsy, asthma, heart problems, stomach ulcers etc. This will make him able to prescribe you the best treatment with less or no side effects. Drug interaction can hamper the Rivamer working and can lead to severe side effects. Also, inform him if you are pregnant or a breastfeeding mother.

Side effects

The chance of side effects eliminates automatically when you take any medicine as exactly prescribed by your doctor. The common side effects associated with Rivamer 3 mg capsules include nausea, indigestion, weakness, and weight loss. These side effects gradually decrease as your body gets used to this medicine. Still, if you find these are persisting longer, call your doctor for a consultation.  

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