Silverex Ionic Gel 240gm

Description Silverex Ionic Gel
SKU 1001
Generic For Silver Nitrate Gel
Strength 240gm
Generic Name Silver Nitrate Gel and Ethyl Alchohal
Manufacturer Virchow Biotech
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Silverex Ionic Gel 240 mg

Silverex Ionic gel 240 mg is a prescription medication used for the management of a range of burn and wound infections. It is effective in managing different kinds of cuts, wounds, burns, and stitches. It contains the active ingredient Silver nitrate that comes with potent antimicrobial properties. Its acts by precipitating the bacterial protoplasm and causes changes in the bacterial cell membrane of the bacterial cell and shows germicidal effects on microbes.

Clinical uses of Silverex Ionic Gel

Silverex Ionic gel is a topical antimicrobial that could be applied to burns, and wounds to increase survival noticeably. It is effective in treating a variety of burn and wound infections. The gel preparation is beneficial for preventing and treating infections of second- and third-degree burns. The medicine constitutes of Silver nitrate, which is given as a preventive measure for bacterial infections. It kills a wide variety of bacteria.

Usage Instructions

The commonly used dose of silver nitrate gel is 240 mg. For treating burn and wound infection, you can apply a thin layer of this gel once daily over the affected area of the skin. Take the required amount of medicine on your fingertip and rub it gently onto the affected area of the skin. Do not make a thick layer to avoid over application; use it as per your doctor’s recommendations. When it comes to treating warts, apply the gel three times a day. Make sure you wash your hands before and after applying this medicinal preparation. It is wise to consult your doctor before using Silver nitrate gel.

Common Side Effects   

The use of Silverex Ionic gel may be likely to cause side effects such as skin rash, itching of the skin, staining of the skin, and burning sensation at the application site. These side effects are minor and disappear after some time. In case of persistence of any of these side effects, contact your doctor for further advice.

Preventive Measures   

It is recommended to take extra caution while using Silverex Ionic gel 240 mg as it can cause staining of the skin, clothes, and utensils. Apply the medicine only on the affected area of the skin, preventing its use near eyes, nose, or broken skin of the mouth.

The gel preparation should not be used if you are allergic to silver nitrate or any other ingredients of the topical formulation.

Do not use other topical medication when you are using Silverex Ionic gel for treating burns and wounds infections.

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