Tacroz 0.1% (10 gm)

Description Tacrolimus
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Generic For Protopic
Strength 0.1% (10 gm)
Generic Name Tacrolimus
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Tacroz 0.1% (10gm) (Tacrolimus)

Tacroz is an ointment prescribed for the treatment of eczema. It is an ointment used for topical application. It is an immunomodulatory medicine, which changes the immune system in some way. The active pharmaceutical ingredient of the medicine is Tacrolimus, which belongs to the class of medicines known as topical calcineurin inhibitors. It is for those individuals who do not have a weakened immune system. It is formulated for adults and children age two years or older. Your physician can be prescribed this topical medicine for short or intermittent periods. The medicine should be given under the supervision of a qualified physician. It can be applied onto all affected areas of your skin, including face or neck.

What is Tacroz used for?

Tacroz is useful for the short-term relief of eczema flare-ups, and if required, the medicine may be repeated with breaks in between. It is considered when topical corticosteroids have not been effective, or when they should not be used (In patients who have experienced unwanted adverse effects with the use of topical steroids).

How does Tacroz work?

Tacroz is composed of Tacrolimus, which has been shown to suppress inflammatory reactions in the skin. It works by reducing the inflammation of the skin in eczema and relieve the symptoms such as redness and itching.

Where to buy Tacroz online?

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What does Tacroz contain?

Tacroz contains 0.1% of the active ingredient Tacrolimus. Each tube of Tacrolimus ointment contains 0.1% of the beneficial ingredient.

What are the side effects of Tacroz?

The side effects of medicines can affect individuals in different ways. The following are some unwanted effects associated with the medicine:

  • Itching at the site of application
  • Burning sensation at the application site
  • Facial flushing or skin irritation after consuming alcohol
  • Infection and inflammation of the hair follicles
  • Rash, irritation, redness at the application site
  • Sensation of warmth, needles, and pins, or pain at the application site
  • Herpes simplex infections such as eczema herpecticum

What medications interact with Tacroz?

  • Immunosuppressive medicines such as azathioprine or ciclosporin should not be used in combination with Tacroz.
  • Patients are advised not to receive light treatment such as PUVA or other UV light treatment during Tacrolimus treatment.
  • There is a possibility that the use the following medications may raise the level of Tacrolimus in the blood if absorbed into the blood stream. These drugs should be used carefully in people using Tacroz ointment, especially in individuals with widespread eczema:
  1. Erythromycin
  2. Ketoconazole
  3. Diltiazem
  4. Itraconazole

When should Tacroz not be used?

  • Tacroz should not be applied to children younger than two years of age.
  • It is not suitable for patients who are allergic to the medicine or its ingredients.

Inform your physician before using the medicine:

  • If you are pregnant or planning to conceive
  • If receiving any form of light therapy on your skin
  • If using any other topical agent

How should Tacroz be taken?

Tacroz ointment should be applied as prescribed by the physician. It is meant to be applied to areas of skin that have eczema. A patient is supposed to use this topical medicine for short periods, and if required, Tacroz may be repeated with breaks in between.

Immediately, the treatment should be stopped when the signs and symptoms of eczema, such as redness, itching, and rash, or as directed by your physician.

The advice of a physician should be followed by every patient if symptoms of eczema return after finishing the treatment.

While applying the ointment, keep the following things in mind:

  • Make sure that you rinse your hands before applying the topical agent.
  • A thin layer should be applied two times a day to affected areas.
  • A pea size amount of medicine is sufficient to control the signs and symptoms of eczema.
  • Bathing, showering, or swimming is prohibited just after applying for the medicine as this could wash off the medicine.
  • Avoid using a moisturizer with Tacroz ointment without first checking with your physician.
  • It is important to inform the physician if the symptoms get worse with Tacroz ointment, or you get an infection on your skin. Also, if your symptoms do not improve after a period of six weeks. Sometimes other skin conditions can look like eczema.

How long should you take Tacroz?

Patients are instructed to apply the ointment at the same time daily. Do not stop applying for the medicine without first checking with your physician because sudden discontinuation of the medicine may cause delay the results.

Missed dose of Tacroz

Do not double up the application just because you missed a dose. If you forget to apply, use it as soon as possible up to 8 hours before the next scheduled dose.

How should Tacroz be stored?

  • Place the tablets away from children and pets
  • Do not refrigerate the medicine
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