Tiger Balm

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Generic For Tiger Balm
Strength 18 gm
Generic Name Cinamon Oil
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Tiger balm

Tiger balm is a unique topical formulation blended with proven and effective herbal ingredients. Its healing properties and soothing relief from pain and aches come with no or very few side effects. When applied to the paining area, the product temporarily relieves minor muscle aches, pains, stiffness, and strains. The correct application of Tiger balms treats aches and pains while restoring balance and gives your mind and body a sense of wellness.

The product is suitable for young and older both. Apply it gently on the skin area suffering from pain. It is a well-absorbed formulation by the skin. Its analgesic formula helps alleviate pain by numbing the skin. Tiger balm contains many active and inactive ingredients, including methyl salicylate (relieves pain), menthol (soothes blood vessels, reduces inflammation, and provides cooling sensation), and camphor (enhances blood circulation and induces warm and cool skin sensation combination.

Other ingredients present in the product are Cajuput oil, clove oil, cassia oil, and demetholized milt oil.

Tiger balm should not be applied on open wounds. 2 to 4 times a daily application is recommended. Apply it carefully; the topical formulation should not enter your eyes, nose, ear canals, vagina or rectum.

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