Trajenta 5mg


Linagliptin 5mg

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Generic For Tradjenta
Strength 5mg
Generic Name Linagliptin
Manufacturer Boehringer Ingelheim, Brazil
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Trajenta 5 mg

Type 2 diabetes is a progressive disorder that occurs with increasing prevalence in the elderly and those with one or more additional disease. Diabetes control becomes more challenging with these co-existing problems. To gain control over blood glucose levels, many people with diabetes require more than one diabetes medication and additional medications.  As a result, the development of new diabetes medication that can help meet this challenge has been a  topic of research. The DPP4 inhibitors are one of the recently approved categories of oral diabetic drugs for the treatment of hyperglycemia in adults.

Trajenta, a DPP4 inhibitor drug, is an approved oral antidiabetic drug that has been developed to control hyperglycemia effectively. It is formulated with Linagliptin, which work by regulating the levels of insulin hormone that your body produces after eating. The medicine taken along with diet and exercise may help lower blood sugar levels. It is a once-daily addition to your treatment regimen that your health care specialist might recommend. In multiple clinical trials, the drug has been shown to be effective in adults with Type 2 diabetes and have a good safety profile. 

What are the uses of Trajenta 5 mg?

Your doctor may have suggested Trajenta 5 mg medicine along with diet and exercise to decrease blood glucose levels in patients with Type 2 diabetes. The medicine is prescribed alone, or in combination with another antidiabetic medicine if the medicine alone is not sufficient to control your sugar levels. Patients are advised to continue to follow the diet and regular exercise recommended by the doctor during the treatment plan. The medicine is not for people with Type 1 diabetes. 

The mode of action of Trajenta 5 mg

Trajenta is made up of the active ingredient Linagliptin, DPP4 inhibitors, which is believed to improve the levels of insulin hormone after a meal and lower the amount of sugar made by the body. The decrease in the blood sugar levels may help to prevent or delay complications associated with diabetes, such as blindness, kidney disease, heart disease, foot amputation.

The usage instructions of Trajenta 5 mg

The usual dose of Trajenta is 5 mg once a day. Make sure you start the treatment only after consultation of health care specialist because there are many factors can affect the dose of medication that an individual requires. These factors include body weight, current patient's condition, other medical conditions, and medications. If your healthcare specialist has prescribed a different dose from the one listed on this document, do not change your dose or the dosing schedule without consulting your health care specialist.  Trajenta 5 mg tablet can be taken before or after consuming food. Make sure you take this antidiabetic medicine exactly as prescribed by your health care specialist. Try not to miss the dose and continue with your regular dosing schedule to achieve blood sugar control. Store the medicine at room temperature and keep the tablets away from your children and pets.

What are the side effects Trajenta 5 mg?

Users may experience side effects of Trajenta. These may include inflammation of the pancreas, which may be severe. Before you start the treatment with Linagliptin, inform your health care specialist if you have a history of gallstones, pancreatitis, or high triglyceride levels.

Stop taking Trajenta, and visit your health care specialist if you have experienced severe pain in the abdomen that does not go away. The abdominal pain may radiate through your abdomen to back. The severe pain may develop with or with nausea. This may be a  symptom of pancreatitis.

Tell your health care specialist if you ever had heart failure or have kidney impairment.

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