Tugain 5% - 60ml (Minoxidil)


Minoxidil 5%

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Generic For Rogaine
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Generic Name Minoxidil
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Tugain 5% solution (Minoxidil 5%) 

Tugain is the latest breakthrough solution in hair growth technology that slows down hair loss and in many people causes hair re-growth. It is specially formulated for men who experience male pattern baldness also known as androgenic alopecia.

Tugain uses

Tugain 5% is discovered for those men who have to thin of hair or hair loss problem. The solution is scientifically proven to stop hair loss and promote re-growth in just a few months of use. It targets the affected area with the fine mist spray applicator and ensures targeted application of the topical solution.

Benefits of Tugain

  • Clinically approved solution to re-grow hair
  • Targeted application with a convenient spray applicator
  • 5% Minoxidil strength for men
  • Breakthrough mist applicator for even application of the solution
  • Easy to apply formula directly on the scalp and mess-free
  • The liquid solution directly delivered onto the entire affected area without forming any foam
  • Never miss an application with the convenient travel size packaging.

The active ingredient

Tugain, 5% solution, contains Minoxidil which helps in stimulating hair growth and has been shown to supply blood to the hair follicles. Studies show that 5% minoxidil works better as a hair growth promoter. It has been found to be most useful for people with hair loss. The active component falls into the category of drugs known as potassium channel openers. The pharmaceutical ingredients of this class appear to stimulate hair growth and treat hair loss issue in men. However, it is not a hormonal drug but has a general stimulant effect on hair growth. Minoxidil is not only useful for treating androgenic alopecia, but also effective for elimination many types alopecia condition.

Side effects

 There is no doubt about the efficacy of the product, but like another drug, Tugain solution can also cause side effects. In clinical trials, some users report side effects associated with Minoxidil. The most common of these are irritation, redness, and dry scalp. Although, these unwanted effects are a response to inactive ingredients of the solution rather than the active component.


As a tropical treatment, it is rare that the solutions enter into the bloodstream. In case this happens, it can cause some serious side effects such as irregular or rapid heartbeat, dizziness, and fainting. These side effects are also rare in people using Minoxidil for hair loss. It is important to apply the solution to a dry scalp to reduce the chance of systematic absorption.


Do not use the topical solution Tugain if:

  • Your hair loss is sudden
  • You are under 18 years of age
  • Your scalp is irritated, red, inflamed, or painful
  • You do not have a hereditary of hair loss
  • You use other pharmaceutical products on the scalp

While using Tugain:

  • Do not  on other parts of the body to avoid unwanted hair growth
  • Avoid contact with the eyes or mucous membrane. In case of fo accidental contact, wash off with water
  • Some people may experience changes in the hair color.
  • For best results, it is necessary to use the solution twice a day. Results may be visible after two months of the regular application. While some people more than two months before they see any difference
  • The effects are different for each person. The product will not work for all males

Stop applying the solution and consult your health care specialist in the following conditions:

  • Scalp irritation or redness
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Dizziness
  • Chest pain
  • Faintness
  • Unwanted facial hair growth
  • Swelling of the hands and feet

 Usage directions

Apply Tugain solution two times a day directly on the bald area and spread the solution evenly over the entire affected area. If you are applying it with your finger, then it is necessary to wash before and after using the topical formulation. Avoid using more than the recommended amount because using more or more often will not improve results.

The continuous use of Tugain solution promotes hair growth. It is necessary to continue using the product to increase and maintain the hair growth. Store the solution at controlled room temperature and keep it tightly closed. 


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