Ventolin Inhaler 100 mcg

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Strength 100 mcg (200 mdi) Inhaler
Generic Name Salbutamol

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Ventolin Inhaler 100 Micrograms

Ventolin inhaler 100mcg allows you to breathe more easily when there is tightness in your chest or when you are wheezing. It is a medication that opens up the breathing tubes that tighten around your airways by relaxing them. This action rapidly opens the airways and allow more air to come in and out of the lungs, which ultimately improves breathing. Your medicine is a bronchodilator. Because it gives fast and instant relief from your chest symptoms, it is often called a reliever medicine. A bronchodilator is extremely effective in clearing mucus from the lungs. When the airways are relaxed and open, the mucus moves more freely and can be easily coughed out.

Salbutamol- The active ingredient

Ventolin 100mcg inhaler contains the active ingredient Salbutamol and is used to treat breathing issues in people with asthma and similar conditions. It relieves and prevents asthma brought on by intense exercise or other triggers. Some people start wheezing or start feeling tightness in the chest when they exercise. This is often called as exercise-induced asthma. Other asthma triggers which bring asthma symptoms in some people include dust, cigarette smoke, pollen, house mites, dogs, and cats. Salbutamol inhaler is a required treatment; most people use when asthma is well controlled, and there is little need for reliever inhaler. It belongs to a group of bronchodilators known as short-acting beta two agonists. Controlling symptoms of breathing issues can decrease time lost from the office or school.

How to use?

You will find the usage instructions on the back of your leaflet or the prescription paper. Follow the instruction carefully. In case, you have any doubt, consider consulting your physician regarding the same.If you have just bought a new Ventolin inhaler or you have not used it for five or more days, then it is important to shake it well before use. What you all need to do is point the mouthpiece away from you and activate two puffs into the air before you use it.When we talk about the dosage, your physician will be the right person to tell you how many puffs you need to take and how often you use to get rid of your chest tightness. If you have any doubt, ask your physician.

Usually, one to two puffs a time as required to ease breathing issues. Your physician might prescribe you to take extra puffs of your Ventolin inhaler if your condition suddenly gets worse. If you are still not getting relief despite for taking extra puffs, immediately tell your physician.If you are suffering from exercise-induced asthma, according to the physician's recommendations, one to two puffs of your inhaler will be enough to feel relaxed and help you prevent the symptoms of exercise-induced asthma.Consider visiting your physician’s place on a regular basis just to check whether you are using the inhaler in a right way or not. If you are not correctly using the medication, the medicine will not help you in relieving your asthma symptoms as much as it could.

Precaution while using Ventolin inhaler

In case you started developing breathing issues just after using your Ventolin 100mg, tell your physician immediately.

Tell your physician if:

  • Your medication does not help you relieve your breathing issues
  • The effect of inhaler does not last long as usual or lasts less than three hours
  • You find a requirement of more puffs to get relief from asthma symptoms

All these conditions can be an indication towards worsening of your condition. If this happens, your physician may add another medicine in your treatment if you are not receiving the same effect with your Ventolin inhaler as before.

Side effects associated with Ventolin Inhaler 100mcg

Ventolin Inhaler may cause some unwanted effects, and these may include nausea, vomiting, warm feeling, mouth or throat irritation, headache, tense feeling, irregular or fast heartbeat. The rare ones include muscle cramps and restlessness in children. 

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