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Gabapin 300mg


Gabapentin 300mg Tablet

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Generic For Neurontin
Strength 300 mg
Generic Name Gabapentin
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Gabapin 300mg

The main salt composition of Gabapin 300mg medicine is a Gabapentin; it is prescribed with other medications to control and prevent seizures episodes. The medicine also treats the nerve pain that happens due to various conditions like herpes zoster infection, diabetes, spinal cord injury in adults etc. The medicine reduces pain and the associated symptoms such as sleeping issues, mood changes, tiredness, confusion, anxiety, loss of awareness etc. Gabapentin 300 belongs to a class of drug called anti-epileptic or anticonvulsant. The medicine works to relieve damaged nerve pain by improving your health when you take it regularly. When this anti-epileptic medication is given for epilepsy, it works by reducing the abnormal brain activity.

Usage Instructions

Gabapentin 300 mg can be taken with or without food or as directed by your physician. He will set the dosage for you considering your medical condition. He may also alter the dosage after examining how your body responds to the treatment. Follow his instruction carefully and daily to get the maximum benefits from this medicine, take medicine regularly at the same time to avoid missing the dosage, the missing dose can trigger a seizure. Do not crush or chew the tablet and drink plenty of water to allow the medicine to dissolve properly in your body. Do not alter the medication your own without consulting your doctor as doing this can invite serious side effects. The medicine may take a few days to weeks to show its result, keep taking the medicine even your symptoms are gone until your doctor advises you to stop.


Before taking Gabapin 300, inform your doctor if you have any allergic issues with its salt composition (i.e., Gabapentin). Also mention him about your previous medical history (especially about kidney disease, COPD, alcohol usage, and mood/behavioural problems) and current medications/supplements you are taking. For the best results from this medication, follow the dose, duration, time, and diet, your doctor sets for treating your condition. Pregnant, planning to get pregnant and breastfeeding women should also state their condition to their doctor to avoid severe side effects.

Side Effects of Gabapin 300mg

Patients usually do not experience any side effects if they take this medicine as per the instructions given by their doctor. The common side effects associated with Gabapin 300mg are dizziness, feeling sleepy, tired, and feeling impaired coordination. These side effect usually disappear as soon as your body adjusts with the medicine. The most side effects are not serious, contact your doctor if any side effects persist longer or make you worried. Alcohol consumptions should be strictly avoided with this medicine, as this can lead to excessive dizziness. The rare side effects include anxiety, depression, agitation, and harmful thoughts.


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