Vagifem 10 mcg

Description Vagifem 10 mcg Estradiol Vaginal Tabs
SKU 2124
Strength 10 mcg
Generic Name Estradiol Vaginal Tabs
Manufacturer Novo - Nordisk, Denmark

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Vagifem 10mcg

Vagifem is a local estrogen replacement therapy. Estrogens work to treat vaginal dryness, painful sexual intercourse, and prevent infections in the urinary tract. About 45% of women experience these vaginal symptoms of menopause, but only a minority use vaginal estrogens. The medicine treats changes in and around the vagina that occur in postmenopausal women and treats a variety of vaginal symptoms. Vagifem is meant to be placed directly into the vagina, where you are experiencing changes to help restore estrogen that was lost due to menopause. It is a dry tablet, but moisture permeates, when dissolved, it releases estradiol into the vagina.

The uses of Vagifem

The medicine is a drug of choice to treat vaginal atrophy (dryness of tissues in the vagina) which occurs due to low estrogen level in the body (due to menopause). The estrogen used in Vagifem tablets is called estradiol, which is the same hormone that your body naturally produces.

How is it used?

Vageifem should be inserted in your vagina with a slim applicator. You can insert the tablet while standing up or lying down with the help of an applicator. The applicator is convenient and simple to use. To help ensure exact dosing, each applicator comprises of a one dose of Vagifem 10 mcg. Vagifem 10 mcg tablet inserted into the vagina once a day for two weeks, and then followed by twice weekly. The medicine helps reduce vaginal dryness, bleeding during intercourse, irritation, soreness, itching in and around the vagina, and painful urination. The estradiol tablet effectively treats the underlying cause of menopause-related vaginal changes by helping to restore the vagina’s lost estrogen.

Who should not use Vagifem 10 mcg?

Do not use Vagifem if you are currently diagnosed or have had a certain type of cancer, including cancer of the breast and uterus. The estradiol preparation may increase the chance of getting certain breast cancer and cancer of the uterus. Also, avoid taking it, if you have unusual bleeding, had a heart attack, stroke or have ever had blood clots. The medicine is not recommended if you are allergic to any of the ingredients of the medication.

The common side effects of Vagifem

Vagifem is only meant to be used in the vagina. The most common side effects of this estradiol preparation include breast pain, bleeding or spotting, fluid retention, bloating, stomach cramps, hair loss, vaginal yeast infection, headache, nausea, and vomiting.

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