Vomistop 10mg


Vomistop 10 mg is used to treat symptoms of stomach disorders. It may also be used to prevent vomiting and nausea caused by the certain medications. The drug is also used to increase breast milk production by the release of a luteotropic hormone, prolactin

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Generic For Motilium
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Generic Name Domperidone
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Vomistop 10mg (Domperidone)

Vomistop 10 mg tablets contains Domperidone as an active medicinal substance.Domperidone is a dopamine antagonist drug with antiemetic properties. It is given orally, intravenously and rectally. The drug does not readily cross the blood-brain barrier (a barrier that separates the circulating blood from the brain extracellular fluid (BEF) in the central nervous system). It seldom causes extra-pyramidical adverse effects, but does cause a rise in the level of prolactin.

What is Vomistop 10 mg used for?

Vomistop 10 mg is used to treat symptoms of stomach disorders. It may also be used to prevent vomiting and nausea caused by the certain medications. The drug is also used to increase breast milk production by the release of a luteotropic hormone, prolactin. 

Buy Vomistop 10 mg to treat your medical conditions that are mentioned above.

How does Vomistop work?

Vomistop works by blocking dopamine receptors found in the upper end of your digestive tract. The action speeds up the passage of food through the stomach into the intestine that helps prevent vomiting and reduces feeling of sickness, fullness and bloating. It also blocks the dopamine receptors found in the area of the brain.

What are the different doses of Vomistop?

Vomistop is available in 10 mg. Buy Vomistop 10 mg online from our website, premiumrxdrugs.com and get various offers at times.

How should Vomistop be taken?

  • Vomistop comes in the form of tablets. Take the tablet with food. Swallow the tablet with one glass of water. The symptoms resolve within three to four days of consuming Vomistop tablet. Avoid taking it for longer than seven days without asking your doctor.
  • Try to take the tablet at the same time each day.
  • The recommended dose adults and adolescents are one 10 mg Vomistop tablet thrice a day. Try to take it before a meal. Do not consume more than three doses of Vomistop in a 24 hour period.
  • The recommended dose for children is 0.25 mg/kg 3 to 4 times every day with a maximum recommended daily dose of 1.0 mg/kg. However, the drug is unsuitable to treat children who weigh less than 35 kg, and it is contraindicated in children under two years of age.
  • Take the tablet exactly as prescribed by the doctor. Do not alter the dosage plan.
  • Overdose: Seek medical attention immediately, in the case of an overdose of Domperidone.

Missed dose of Vomistop:

If you have forgotten a dose, take it as soon you remember and go back to your usual dosing schedule. If the time to take the next dose is near, leave the forgotten dose and take the next dose. Do not double up the dose to compensate the missed one.

  • Take the tablet for as long as your doctor recommended.

What are Side effects of Vomistop?

Like other medicines, Vomistop may cause adverse effects. Seek medical attention, in case the following troubles arise:

  • Unusual enlargement of breast in women and men
  • Irregular or ceased menstrual periods
  • Leaking of milky fluid from the breasts
  • Imbalance
  • Lowered libido in men
  • Vision problems

Some adverse effects of Vomistop can be serious. Visit the doctor immediately, in the following situations.

  • Irregular eye movements
  • Trembling and muscle stiffness
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Swelling of the face, lips or throat
  • Urticaria
  • Abnormal posture like twisted neck
  • Heart rhythm disorders
  • Hives

What medications interact with Vomistop?

The following medicines should be avoided, in case doctor recommends you Vomistop to avoid possible drug interactions.

  • Ritonavir
  • Erythromycin
  • Ketoconazole
  • Cabergoline
  • Bromocriptine
  • Amantadine


When should Vomistop not be used?

Tell the doctor before consuming Vomistop:

  • If you are hypersensitive to the drug, or its components.
  • If you have moderate or severe liver disorders.
  • If you have prolonged QT corrected interval (a heart disease).
  • If you have a history of heart failure.
  • If you have kidney problems.
  • If you have taken Vomistop for a longer period.
  • If you have had trouble swallowing.
  • If you have prolactinoma (a disease of the pituitary gland).
  • If you have a disorder that gives you a low level of potassium and magnesium in the body, or a high level of potassium in the blood.
  • If you have stomach or duodenal ulcers or block perforated gut.
  • If you are under 12 years of age.
  • If you are pregnant or intending to become pregnant. You should discuss the benefits and risks of taking Vomistop tablets during pregnancy. Breastfeeding women are advised not to take Domperidone as it may pass into breast milk and harm the nursing baby.
  • The drug may cause dizziness. Do not drive or use machinery, while taking Vomistop as these activities may require a high degree of mental attention.

How should Vomistop be stored?

  • Do not forget to see the expiry date of the product.
  • Keep the drug reach out of children.
  • It should not be given to anybody, even if they have the same problems.
  • Always keep the written record of your medications.





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