What Causes High Cholesterol

08 Nov
By Marie

Cholesterol is a waxy and oil-based substance found in your blood. Cholesterol is good and bad both, our body needs it to build healthy cells. It is an essential substance for the body if found at a normal level. High cholesterol is like a silent killer that puts people’s lives at risk in the form of heart attack and another heart disease. Cholesterol is present in every cell of the body and plays an important function when it comes to digest food, generating vitamin D, and producing hormones. Our body produces it naturally, and people also consume it in the form of food.

In the case of high cholesterol, the body can develop fatty deposits in the blood vessels, and these deposits make difficult enough for blood to flow through arteries. This deposit fat can break suddenly and form a clot that can cause a stroke or heart attack. 

High cholesterol can be inherited, but most of the time it is a result of following an unhealthy lifestyle. High cholesterol is a preventable and treatable condition with the right approach. Regular exercise, brisk walk, healthy diet, and sometimes medication help reduce the high cholesterol level.

The Symptoms of High Cholesterol

High cholesterol has no symptoms. This can be detected only through a blood test. On the basis of the test report, your doctor will start your treatment accordingly.

The Causes of High Cholesterol

The combination of proteins and cholesterol is called lipoprotein. Your blood carries the cholesterol attached to proteins. The cholesterol is mainly of two types and they are:

  • LDL (Low-density Lipoprotein) –  LDL also called bad cholesterol, transports the cholesterol particles throughout your body. Bad cholesterol builds up in your arteries, and this makes them narrow and hard.
  • HDL (High-density Lipoprotein) –  HDL also called good cholesterol, it picks up the excess quantity of cholesterol and takes it back to your liver.

Factors that contribute to High Cholesterol

There are many factors that contribute to making your cholesterol high. Some of them are: inactivity, unhealthy diet, obesity, age, diabetes, bad food habits, and smoking contribute to high cholesterol or low HDL cholesterol. Some of the factors beyond your control might play a role too. For example, your genetic for family history might keep cells from removing bad cholesterol from your blood efficiently or cause your liver to produce too much cholesterol.


High cholesterol can cause a dangerous accumulation of cholesterol and other deposits on the walls of your arteries. These deposits (fat/plaques) reduces the blood flow through arteries, which can cause complications like:

1. Chest Pain – Arteries supply blood to our heart, if the arteries are affected, you might have chest pain or angina and other symptoms of coronary artery disease.

2. Heart Attack – If plaques breach or tear, this could create a blood clot and will lead to blocking the blood flow and plugging an artery downstream. When blood flow parts, your heart stops working, and you’ll likely to have a heart attack.

3. Stroke – Likewise the heart attack, a stroke occurs when a blood clot blocks or disturb blood flow to part of your brain.


Healthy lifestyle changes can lower the level of high cholesterol. This way you can also prevent having high cholesterol in future. To prevent high cholesterol level, you should:

  • Eat a low-salt diet that emphasizes fruits, vegetables, and whole grains
  • Limit the number of animal fats and use good fats in moderation
  • Lose extra pounds and maintain a healthy weight
  • Quit smoking
  • Exercise on most days of the week for at least 30 minutes
  • Drink alcohol in moderation, if at all
  • Manage stress

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First Aid Treatment for Epilepsy

07 Nov
By Marie

First aid is defined to help and get medical assistance if the person is sick or injured. Many minor injuries may require first aid, including cuts, puncture wounds, sprains, and other treatments like epilepsy to requires and can get treated with the help of first aid.

Living with epilepsy is not easy, it is one of the most common brain disorders in which a person got the tendency to have unprovoked seizures. Most seizures in people with epilepsy are not considered medical emergencies as they may end after a minute or two without any harm and usually do not require an emergency room. Seizures in someone who does not have epilepsy could be a sign of serious illness.

Epilepsy is a central nervous system (neurological) disorder in which brain activity becomes abnormal. Epilepsy can affect anyone no matter what their age, gender, religion. Seizure symptoms can vary widely. Some people with epilepsy simply stare blankly for a few seconds during a seizure, while others repeatedly twitch their arms or legs. Not all seizures include convulsions or unusual muscle movements. Seizures can also be triggered by low oxygen levels.

Common Signs of Epilepsy are:

  • Sudden headache
  • changes in mood or energy level
  • dizziness
  • fainting
  • confusion or memory loss
  • odd smells or tastes

Symptoms of Epilepsy are:

  • Unusual sensations
  • Uncontrollable muscle spasm
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Uncontrollable urination
  • Blurry or loss of vision
  • Body parts look different
  • Tingling or feeling like you have been electrically shocked

Causes of Epilepsy are:

  • Stroke
    • Brain tumour
    • Brain infection
    • Brain injury due to trauma
    • Loss of oxygen to the brain
    • Down syndrome and other genetic disorders
    • Difficult breathing

First Aid Treatment for Epilepsy

There are several important things people with epilepsy can do to give the treatment to get the best chance of success. Some Seizures need emergency care unless you know the person has a history of seizures and it can be treated at home. Your healthcare provider will test to determine the cause of epilepsy. If it is due to other medical conditions, he or she may try to treat it first. Treatment and management may vary from person to person. The goal is to keep someone safe and know when more help is needed.

One cannot do much to stop a seizure once it starts. But you can protect someone from harm during one. Some seizures are more dangerous than others, but most aren’t an emergency. Also, you don’t need to do anything but wait for the Seizures to end.

Here below you can protect a person by providing help:

  • Stay with the Person
  • Allo time to end the seizure
  • Protect from injury
  • Loosen anything around the neck
  • Roll the person on his/her side
  • Do not put anything in the mouth
  • Do not panic or afraid
  • Talk to the person once the situation is under control
  • Move away from the harmful and sharp objects
  • Place the person in the recovery position
  • Call an ambulance if seizures do not stop
  • Contact the doctor immediately if you are unable to handle the situation

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Cause of Prostate Cancer

05 Nov
By Marie

Even researchers don’t know why or how prostate cancer starts. Studies show that men over the age of 50 have some abnormal cells in the prostate gland. The exact cause of the problem is not easy to determine. In many cases, multiple risk factors may be involved, including age, family history, diet, and ethnicity.

If you or your loved one has recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer, you might be thinking about what happened, trying to figure out what went wrong? Researchers do not know exactly what leads to the growth of abnormal cells in the prostate gland, which is located underneath the bladder in men. But there is evidence that shows that certain risk factors behind the disease and research still going on to find out if they might cause cancer of the prostate. Learn about the risk factors for prostate cancer and what you could do to minimize your risk.  

What Causes Prostate Cancer?

Data suggests that prostate cancer is the second most common cause of all cancers related to deaths in the USA. The death rate is high among older men. Like other types of cancer, it is difficult to identify the exact cause of prostate cancer. However, many studies revealed that genetics and environmental toxins such as radiations or chemical substances. It is found that mutations in DNA are responsible for the growth of cancerous cells. These mutations cause your prostate cells to grow abnormally. Malignant cells are continuing to grow uncontrollably and divide until a tumour form. In severe cases of prostate cancer, the growth of abnormal cells may spread to other parts of your body. 

What could be your risk factor for Prostate Cancer?

A risk factor may increase your likeliness of getting a disease such as cancer. Certain risk factors like smoking and diet can be changed. Whereas, factors like age, ethnicity, or family history cannot be changed. But having a risk factor does not always mean that you get a disease. There are many cases where people with one or more risk factors never get cancer, while others who are suffering from some cancer have had few or no known risk factors.

Here are some risk factors that might affect a man’s risk of developing the growth of cancerous cells in the prostate gland:

  • Family history- Men with a family history of prostate cancer are more likely to develop the disease. If a male has a close relative with a history of prostate cancer, they face a higher risk of developing cancerous cells in their prostate gland. A man is more likely to get prostate cancer if his father, brother, or son had it. The risk rises with the number of relatives diagnosed with the disease.

  • Age- Several studies show the risk of getting prostate cancer goes up with increased age in men. The condition rarely develops in adults younger than 40 years. Damage to the DNA of a prostate cell is more likely to happen in men over the age of 55 years. Abnormal prostate cells begin to grow uncontrollably and ultimately forms tumours. Age is one of the common risk factors for the development of prostate cancer. Whereas smoking and being overweight are closely associated with deaths from the increased number of abnormal prostate cells.

  • Ethnicity- Data suggests that African American men have the highest incidence of the disease. Data suggests that around about one in six African American men will develop abnormal growth of prostate cells. These men are more likely to get the disease at a younger age. Also, they are more prone to have aggressive tumours that metastasize to other parts of the body. Diet, environmental issues, or socioeconomic facts may be responsible for this.

  • Diet- Diet is an essential component when it comes to maintaining a healthy body. Diet and lifestyle habits may affect the risk of prostate cancer; however, it is not clearly understood. Your risk increases when you eat more calories, refined sugar, animal fat and not enough vegetables and fruits. Lack of exercise is also associated with poor outcomes. Obesity is another factor known to increase a man’s risk of dying from the abnormal growth of prostate cells. However, maintain a healthy body weight may help reduce the risk linked to the condition.

  • Smoking- According to research studies, the risk of prostate cancer may double for heavy smokers. There is a connection between smoking and high-risk risk of death from prostate cancer. However, one may reduce the risk of fatalities quitting as soon as possible.

  • Chemical exposure- There is evidence that exposure to harmful chemicals may increase the risk of the disease.  Several studies suggested a link between environmental toxins and the risk of prostate cancer.

Most men diagnosed with prostate cancer can expect a good outcome. The earlier your cancer is diagnosed, the better will be your surviving chances. you can order prostate cancer medication Finasteride 5mg online from premiumrxdrugs.com at affordable price.

Why Indian Pharmacies Gaining Popularity

01 Nov
By Marie

India is famous for its diversity, and it is known for many good things due to its history and dynamic culture. According to the area, India is the seventh-largest country in the world and 2nd largest in population. Being one of the biggest countries, India has immense potential in almost sectors. 

As per the report, India has emerged as the top destination globally for foreign direct investment. The Digital India campaign made things smoother in the continued growth of India. Through this campaign, the services have improved through online infrastructure and internet connectivity. This campaign has made India digitally empowered officially in the field of technology. With this initiative and plan, most Indian internet users have been connected and interlinked (including rural areas).

The Digital India campaign has boosted many industries in India especially the Online pharmacy. Indian Pharmacy is gaining a strong foothold for the last few years. As per “the economics times” report, e-pharmacies in India is expected to reach $18.1 billion by the year 2023. India has over 800,000 offline pharmacy retail stores with no retail chain. According to the Research, the traditional/offline retail pharmacies in India are currently generating 97% of the pharmaceutical sales, while e-pharmacy or an online pharmacy contributes hardly 2 to 3% of the total therapeutic sales. In comparison to a retail pharmacy store, an online Indian pharmacy is a much convenient option as patients can order their medicines from anywhere and can get it delivered at their doorstep.

The idea of online sales of medicines clicked worldwide almost two decades back. As per the survey, an estimated 2986 online pharmacies were providing their services globally in 2008, and probably the number of the same would have risen as of today. In recent times, Indian consumers too have begun using the internet widely and have started shopping online to a reasonable extent. Today, various laws and Acts govern the online pharmacies in India in order to safeguard seller and buyer interests and convenience. 

According to Indian laws, medicines can be sold only by a registered pharmacy who holds a retail license and having a registered pharmacist on the payroll of a pharmacy. A prescription is mandatory for ordering online medicines. All the medication must be verified and certified by the registered pharmacist before delivery. 

Affordable Treatment Service

If you are a bit tech-savvy than availing affordable treatment services is a little easier method considering the old treatment services and methods. With the help of smartphones and the internet, one can easily search almost anything using the search engine (like Google).

Just like other e-commerce companies like Amazon, Flipkart, etc., the growth of the e-pharmacy market is growing faster and making internet consumers rapidly. Increased access to online pharmacies and their services implementing the methods of e-prescriptions in hospitals and other healthcare centres.

The E-prescribing or E-prescription technology allows healthcare professionals to send the prescriptions electronically, instead of using handwritten prescriptions. Doctors have also started preferring the e-prescriptions method as this allows patients to get easy access to medicine. 

When we talk about affordable treatment services, online pharmacies come first in mind as these sites offer great discounts over medicines. Using an Indian pharmacy not only saves your money but it also delivers your medicine and other healthcare products at your doorstep. 

Best Quality 

Access to the best quality products is the key to grow healthier and happier. Therefore, one should not hesitate at all to adopt the technology especially when it is offering amazing benefits and opportunities. India’s e-pharma market is growing faster because of the internet and smartphone usage. Ordering medicines through an e-commerce platform has made things simpler and easier for most users.

As per reports, the Indian Pharmacy market is expected to grow at a substantial pace in the coming 4 years down the line. Many renowned online pharmacies are becoming diversified and offering value-added services to their users. The online consultation, healthcare blogs, and tips, tie-ups with labs and diagnostics centres, appointment scheduling with doctors, app-based healthcare-related services, are some of the best features of online pharmacies.

One can easily access the information on medicine’s working, dosage, side-effects, precautions, and other important details before adding medicine to the cart. This way the end users most of the time land up buying the best quality products as they themselves become aware of plus and minuses of any drug/medicine they intend to buy.

Low Price

Low prices or reasonable price is the first choice of any buyer. Online pharmacy not only offers low price medication but it also provides free shipping and consultation on many products. 

The drug retail platforms offer lower prices and easy accessibility to its users. Medicine prices online are up to 30% lower than in offline. According to experts, the drug cost for any major disease could save up to 3 lacs for a patient in overall medicine purchase if he is opting for an online pharmacy.

Online services are very convenient in order to save money and time. Apart from it, an online delivery model works great for elderly and sick persons. 

Generic Medicine

Buying generic medicine is absolutely a safe option when you want to save money or you are not finding the brand prescribed by your physician. Be it Indian pharmacy or any other online pharmacy, picking the generic medicine is the safest alternative. With generic alternatives to medicines, online buyers can expect significant savings.

A generic medicine or drug is equivalent to its brand name counterpart, and are less expensive. An almost generic drug has the same active ingredients, route of administration, strength, and dosage forms as the original brand product have. Generic drugs are approved by the US FDA and are deemed to be as safe and effective as the brand name product.